Why Single Mothers Should Pursue Their Education

Why Single Mothers Should Pursue their Education?

Education is the key to a better life. What happens if this one encounters some mischief and doesn’t accomplish their education in time? Would this mean their life is over and messed up? I think not, all it requires is pulling ourselves up and continue to where we left. This is how single mothers are doing, especially in famous States such as, Philadelphia known for high numbers of single women below the age of 18 years old. Many are currently going back to pursue their education for them to establish, financial stable families in the future. On this they are not alone because, the state government and private sectors are working endlessly, to see their dream of an educated society come to pass. They have launched various programs and ensured implementation is done on them so, that single mothers can pursue their education in the most efficient way possible.

Adult education program.

It is a program that was started to ensure that adults are able to attend school which was meant only for them. Adults who attend ordinary schools such as, high school usually get big attention, making them to shy off. Single mothers now are able to be in schools where they can find and learn with their fellow mothers. This also creates a platform for exchange of ideas and life experiences.

University Scholarships.

It is a significant factor when it comes to education, everyone wants to get a scholarship so, that they avoid the big tuition fees that is associated with higher education. Single mothers have a reason to attend school, learn and pass. If this is achieved to them college fees is not a factor because they automatically qualify for college support and grants from the government, not mentioning a full scholarship award.

Home care and support.

This is also a major reason why single mothers should go back to school, the government and private sector to some certain degree helps in providing basic need for their families. This ensures that they study without the worries that come with family responsibilities. To single mothers this is a wonderful idea because, there will be total concentration in class and any need that would arise within their families they can easily solve since a large portion is already taken care of.

Job seeking.
The most difficult point in life after finishing college is getting a job that suits you, these posses’ difficulty since, employers require experience which you don’t have or sometimes there aren’t any jobs available. As a single mother you would feel like time was wasted attending school to better your life. This is discouraging many single mothers, however, in Philadelphia there is a unique system that helps single mothers, find work by improving their employment, this is the infamous Dignity III program.

All this are good measures taken to ensure that our single mothers here in the united States also enjoy the right to education. We all have failed somewhere in life, so let’s not be judgmental to our single mothers, rather supportive to instill a better future for as all.

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