Why Single Mothers Live in Deteriorated Housing Conditions Despite Government Housing

Why Single Mothers Live in Deteriorated Housing Conditions Despite Government Housing

The housing conditions are rather not up to standards for some individuals. There is the escalation of poor housing by the day and many who are affected are single moms, it is sad scene indeed to watch the housing standards of many Single mothers. This has led to the establishment of housing facilities which are meant for single mothers by the government. Despite these actions their living conditions are still deteriorating, as many of them decide to live in houses which are paid at their own expenses, yet they are eligible for government housing plans. This has got me to wonder, why don’t they look for assistance? Below I have come up with concrete information which could be the factors that make them continue to live in poor housing conditions.

Lack of information.

Many Single mothers are not aware that there are housing facilities which are available for them. They can apply to live I these facilities for free or at a rate which is very low and affordable for them. This lack of information may have occurred since, there is no or low advertising of these housing schemes. There are various subsidiary schemes under the State as well as Federal Government where single moms can avail housing benefits, but not everyone is aware of this.

Endless requirements and unmanageable rules.

There are various conditions which have to be fulfilled For a single mother to qualify for the housing project. To some of the women this conditions appear as stumbling blocks for them since, they are somehow impossible to be accomplished. For example, there must be evidence of your monthly income, some women are not employed, hence their monthly income is inconsistent. There are rules that not so many women can be able to handle such as, time rule, in the housing projects there is a time limit rule that does not allow lateness of getting home and switching off of lights. Surely, not so many people can live with such petty rules so many opt to live at their own comfort.

Movements and theft.

When you settle in for the housing projects or simply the projects, there are various movements that take place, whereby you are shifted from one house to another in different places. This creates the burden of looking for new school for your kids and work for yourself. In this housing projects there are various cases of theft that go on as well. These situations have made so many Single mothers to find places that, they can afford, as long as they are not within government projects.

Looked down upon.

Many single moms have the belief that, when they decide to go live in this government housing facilities, they would be described as failures. They believe that people will look down on them like failed mothers, who are too lazy to handle life’s tough situations

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