Why single mothers are living in poverty despite the grants

Why Single Mothers Are Living in Poverty Despite the Grants

It is surely a relief for someone, if they are awarded a grant, this is not the case of single mothers in the United States of America. Life is somehow tough for these mothers which has made the legislature to open a special campaign of grants which are meant only for them. Single mothers are without a shadow of a doubt the poorest, yet they have the obligation of being both parents at the same time, they are the bread winners in their families. Majority of them are unemployed with no salary to look up to when end month comes. Despite these grants they seem not to be able to improve their situation, why is this so? Below I will try to explain why Single mothers in the United States of America are still poor despite the amount of grants which are given to them.

Embezzlement and mismanagement of funds.
In any society which is filled by corruption, the deadliest social evil of them all, is bound to become a failed state. In the United States a lot of officials have been removed from office due to the embezzlement of funds within their watch. Many single mothers haven’t been receiving their granting, because of fund embezzlement and mismanagement within the giving offices. This is a denial to the right of these women who work hard day in and out, just to feed their children.

Inconsistency in giving grants.
Many single mothers wait for months without getting their next grant which they are entitled to every month. These situations have led many grant dependable mothers to suffer between the teeth of poverty. Also, there is the issue of inconsistency of the amount a single mother receives since, it varies at every grant collection day.

Inadequate granting.
Single mothers have more often gone to the street, in demonstration of inadequate funding, which is directed to them. Some have said that the current amount does not cater for today’s living standards since, prices of basic commodities have skyrocketed making them not affordable for the common US citizen. This I believe to be a major reason as to why, these women are not able to counter their living standards.

Irresponsible mothers.
Some single moms are irresponsible, they do not work or look for any additional assistance, besides the grants’ given. In any case, if the grant is released to them, they end up making their expenditure in unreasonable budgets and not on the intended purpose. This has made many of them to continue in their poor circumstances, yet they receive the assistance.

Informal modes of granting.
When granting is done to Single mothers in the United States, it is usually informal and not a lot of paperwork is looked into and rechecked. This has brought ingenuity into play since, some mothers can receive grant twice and not be noticed, making others to go without the grants. This should be an issue to be looked into since fairness should be upheld in the united States.

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