Why Government Trainings Are Not Popular Today

Why government trainings are not well known today.

Throughout the years the government has ignored the trainings offered to single mothers and less lucky people in the public. When it pumps cash to diverse projects in each one state, the training part for single mothers has stayed to be sidelined. This has made a colossal defeat to a once titan career molding undertaking into a loathed one. Today, numerous single mothers demoralize each other, from going to government trainings, because of various reasons that they themselves have experienced. Why is this so? Below I will examine reasons why Single moms have decided not to go for government trainings, which are intended to help them in different ways.

Old fashioned preparing frameworks.

Many single mothers would say that the government trainings today are not useful as they used to be back in the olden days. Money for upgrading the training systems has not been given for years; this has made the teaching offered there to be outdated and with no meaning at all since, employers is not willing to employ people whose skills are below their expectations. This has made single mothers to look for other ways to get themselves to be employed such as, starting small businesses to become self-employed.

Family issues.

In my experience I would say this plays the major role, as to why single mothers do not attend trainings offered free for them to learn different skills. When a common single mother wakes up every single day all she ever thinks about is what her children will eat, cloth and how the bills will be paid. This makes her fight hard in the hassle and tassel of life, until she becomes tired and cannot attend any form of training being offered.

Lack of supportive measures.

In the past years there were many grants offered to single mothers who attended government trainings. This enabled the single mothers to schedule their time well, in order to attend the trainings since the gain factor was also on the play. Today, it’s even harder to find a scholarship even after spending your treasured time attending the trainings.

Limitation to careers.

The trainings offered are majorly made to help, single mothers advance in odd jobs that anyone can do on their own. After clearing their trainings they find themselves no better, because of the high levels of competition they find in their specific fields of specialization.

Time and plan factor

People say time is money, you either get it or lose it, but what counts is how you plan. Many single mothers find it hard attending trainings since, a lot of time is spent their which they feel that, if it was properly used they would have earned a dollar or two. This brings the issue of planning as a big stumbling block since, most of the women are not available during daytime, yet the trainings are offered at this particular time. Hence, there should be trainings that cater for single mothers who are only available at night. This should be done also to accommodate fairness.

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