Why Child Support to Single Mothers is Not Working

Why Child Support To Single Mothers Is Not Working?

Every child no matter the race, ethnicity, political or religious affiliations, is entitled to proper care and support. This is clearly Supported by the Bill of rights since, the liberation of independence. In case a child doesn’t get the favorable support, reasons as to why should be given. The child support program is the duty and responsibility of the Administration for Children and families, in the Department of Health and Human Services. Children living with single mothers are the majority, when it comes to benefiting through programs laid forth for them. Child support programs aren’t as effective as they ought to be, this is due to a number of reasons that have come to play. Some are brought within the families, States and others by the superior government.
Unclear child support guidelines.
Child support guidelines are very unclear and not easily understood. For example, there are the national child support guidelines, but also each and every state have adapted to their own guidelines. The rules of one State do not apply to that of another State. This makes it very difficult for single mothers to establish, what is to be done in order for their child to have the support which they are entitled to.

Child discrimination by their peers.
This is one of the neglected facet when people discuss about child care and support. When a child is playing with his or her peers and by any chance, they get to find out about the supportive situations granted to the child, they tend to tease him or her. This leads to emotional trauma which may make the youngster to run away from home, leaving him or her without the support or to have hatred towards it.

Division of families.
When single mothers and their children hear about the social services, they shiver. This is because the department has a system of taking the child away, from the single mother if she is unable to take good care the child, in terms of providing basic necessities; it has resulted to division of families. There is that unique love bond, which is formed between a child and a mother hence, separating the two is impossible but if done it’s devastating to them. In order for single mothers to prevent their children from going to the social services they lie about their situation and act like they are providing the necessary care to the child. This deprives the child the necessary support which is supposed to be given.

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