Washington – Retirement Homes

It’s retirement time and you’re ready to settle into a retirement community. That doesn’t mean you’re ready to stop living but you want to enjoy life at this point in your life. You’ve raised your kids all by yourself and now it’s your time to enjoy your life and do things for yourself. Maybe you’re not retiring and you’re a son or daughter who is trying to find a place for your beloved mother. Your parent wanted the best for you all their life and now it’s your turn to make sure they get the best. In either case, there are a lot of good retirement communities out there for seniors to get into too. A lot of them are generous to people who don’t make a lot of money too.

In order to help you with your search for retirement homes and/ or retirement homes, I will list a few options for you to consider. I do believe it will be at least resourceful to you, even if you don’t intend to use the options I have listed for you.

Senior Housing Assistance Group
Location: Washington (more than one location)
website: https://www.housing4seniors.com/
This is housing assistance for seniors and it does have a couple of properties available for you or your parent. It offers options to make it affordable for those who don’t have a high income and claims to offer 1 free month if you sign a 12-month lease. There are a number of amenities and activities for seniors to help make them feel more invited.

Panorama Retirement
Location: Lacey, Washington
website: http://www.panoramaccrc.org/
This option is a beautiful community that offers a lot for seniors in Lacey, WA. It’s located in a decent neighborhood and you can choose from different housing styles. It is conveniently located and it also has a bunch of hobbies and experiences for you to explore within this option.

Silver Glen
Location: Bellevue, Washington
website: http://silverglen.org/
This is a beautiful community in a wooden area with appreciative scenery for those who have a taste for that. There’s a variety of units as well as different types of activities for seniors to choose from. Another good thing about this community is it also has a nice size of amenities for seniors, which is always a plus.

Emeritus Senior Living
Location: Washington
website: https://www.emeritus.com/washington-assisted-living-communities
This option has several communities in different counties and cities and is a good option for seniors to consider too. If you have a pet, they are pet friendly and they offer a number of other amenities for you to appreciate. They also have activities and transportation if you want or need it for you to enjoy as well.

Washington State Senior Living Communities Assisted Living Facilities
Location: Washington
website for information: http://www.seniorliving.org/washington/
This option is more of a search option so you can do the searching yourself. All you do is click the city you’re located in or put in your zip code and it will list assistance living or retirement homes in your area for you or your parent. This is a good option for those who like to do the searches for themselves.

There are many more options out there in regards to retirement homes and assisted living, all you have to do is search. Just put in your area or if you search the state, make sure you specify it’s Washington stare you’re looking in so the browser doesn’t confuse it with Washington D.C. As long as you keep your patience and do your searches, you will no doubt find what you need on the web.

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