Washington – General Assistance

Nobody asks for the situations they’re put in during hard times but it’s unavoidable sometimes and it does happen. It’s especially hard on people who have no family to rely on or on single mothers with children. During those difficult spells that hit us, assistance is at times needed for another source, outside of family and friends. There is no shame, it happens and you didn’t ask for it to happen but it did and people need help sometimes. Fortunately there are programs out there to help people just like you and they’re around for your convenience.

While you know this is all true, it doesn’t make the search and sign up process any easier and sometimes these programs can be difficult to find. Some state and assistance programs can be a little difficult to find and I’m hoping that within this article, it will provide you with the resources you need. At the very least, you’ll get an idea of what is available for you and what you can do to help yourself.

DSHS: Washington State
website: http://www.dshs.wa.gov/
This lists the assistance programs available for you to check into and it has the links available for these programs. Whichever program you need, you can click on the link for whatever preferred assistance it is and see how to qualify for it.

Washington Apple Health Medicaid
website: http://www.hca.wa.gov/medicaid/Pages/index.aspx
This website gives you information on the Medicaid health program, how you can apply, and how you can renew your coverage. You can go to the website they provide for you and see if you qualify, and if you’re in need of health care, you can apply. Both adults and children can qualify for Medicaid so if you meet the requirements, you can apply for your children and you.

Washington Homeowners Assistance
website: http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/states/washington/homeownership/buyingprgms
This provides you with information on assistance for homeowners and programs available to homeowners if they need it. You can see if you qualify for one of them if you own a home and perhaps you can receive assistance from one of these programs.

Benefits: Washington
website: http://www.benefits.gov/benefits/browse-by-state/state/WA
This is another list of the assistance programs and whatever is not on this list will be on the other list, and vice versa. It explains the programs for you and also tells you where to go to get more information and where to go to see how you can qualify.

Cash Assistance in Washington Information
website: https://www.parenthelp123.org/resources/additional-resources/cash-programs
Now this is more informational but it can be just as helpful to anyone who needs the information. This explains the cash assistance program and explains how you qualify for it so you can decide if you do qualify for it and/ or if you need it.

Now while I suggest doing your own searches too, I am confident these resources at least gave you some information you might want and need. If you need to, you can check your local phone book or ask friends about numbers you can call for assistance. I realize this is a frustrating situation and an even more frustrating search but don’t be afraid to sign up for these programs if you truly need them. They’re there to help people who are struggling and who need them.

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