Washington – Donating To a Cause

While volunteering is for a good cause, sometimes it can be time consuming and not everyone has the time for that. A lot of people are busy and between working and taking care of kids, we don’t have time to volunteer as much as some of us would like to. This is especially true for single mothers who have to manage between their children and their work life. Fortunately if you can’t volunteer but you have a few bucks or gently used items to spare, you can donate and you’ll still be helping the community.

I know there are options but where do I start?

You can start with basic internet searches but by saying that, I’m sure that doesn’t help you too much. With that in mind, I have compiled a small sized list for you to take a look at just so you get an idea of what is out there and while it’s nothing compared to the amounts of charities that are out there, it is a good start for you to go off of.

Charity Search: This option is for those who know the name of the charities they want to donate to and they can use this option to search the charity name. This option is to search for organization names and charity names basically so it is more for those who know what they are searching for rather than those who do not.

ASW: Autism Society of Washington: Now with this option, you are supporting those with autism and those who run for autism. You can either volunteer by running for autism to not only make the state aware of autism but to make it safe for those with autism or donate to this cause. It’s not a bad cause to consider.

The Arc of Washington State: Now this is a charity that will pick up clothing and small household items that are gently used or not used at all but not wanted. They will even pick it up for you if you’re not too far off from them so it’s definitely worth a looking at.

Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center: This organization goes to doing research in cancer and other diseases. Your donations here would help their research and help them try to find cures for incurable types of cancer and other diseases. It also goes to help prevent these types of diseases, according to their website and that in itself is a good cause.

Community Health Charities: This is a website where you can find some of the trusted health charities to donate to. They always have a featured charity and this is a good website to check out if you want to donate to health charities but are afraid of donating to fraudulent ones. Give this website a checking out.

Now here are a few options for you to consider but always do your own searches and don’t settle if you’re truly passionate about a certain charitable cause. Donating to any cause is a good heartened thing to do but that doesn’t mean you have to settle on the charities others think you should do. However if that doesn’t matter to you and if just want to help out organizations in general, then maybe you will use one of these organizations. In either case, I’m confident you’re find an organization of your choice.

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