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Washington state has a lot of colleges and universities that excel in several areas. Now whether you’re looking for yourself or your child, you have a lot of things to consider when choosing between your options. You want to look at the college environment, the types of classes it offers, the quality of academics, and that’s only starting. A price is another thing you have to consider when thinking about your options. I’m sure this has all crossed your mind but now you don’t know quite what college to choose.

I hope that while the list I’m about to provide you is small, it will be resourceful and maybe help narrow down your search in the consideration process. While another article is probably not the thing you’re wanting to read right now, it’s good to stay resourceful about possible college choices.

University of Washington
website: http://www.washington.edu/
This university is located in Seattle, Washington and is a public research university. This university has a few campuses but offers quite a choice in classes for you to choose from. They do take their academics seriously and the sports teams take their sports seriously, which can be a good thing for sports fan. Student life seems to be satisfying and the reputation as well as ranking prove this college is a great choice.

The Evergreen State College
website: http://evergreen.edu/
This university is located in Olympia, Washington and is a liberal arts college. There is a good number of studies you can choose and they do appear to be into their sports teams so this is good if you’re a sports fan. It ranks well and is also good about the undergraduate programs for those who need or care about that.

Eastern Washington University
website: http://www.ewu.edu/
This university is located in Cheney, Washington and offers a variety of courses you can take. No matter what you area of study is, it is knowing to excel in academics and you can choose from more than one campus. The good thing about this college is the student life is more than satisfying and the rankings always list this college high.

Whitworth University
website: http://whitworth.edu/
This college is based in Spokane, Washington and it is a Christian liberal arts college. The college offers a number of Bachelor and master degrees and offers over 60 undergraduate and graduate programs. The dormitory holds what they call a ‘primetime’ between 8-10pm where student can take a break from studying and play games, and relax. When you get back to your academics, you don’t have to worry about quality here. If you’re sports fan, you also don’t have to worry about that since this college also pays attention to their sports. This college deserves worthy consideration.

Cornish College of the Arts
website: http://www.cornish.edu/
This college is located in Seattle, Washington and it provides extra education for those into arts of almost any sort. Throughout the years, it has managed to stick around and provide quality education. While it’s specifically for those studying art, this college has more than proved it deserves a spot on the list.

To be fair, this was a list with a very few amount of options and there are many good colleges out there, which you can find doing your own searches. These were the colleges I found doing my own research and these were the options I narrowed my choices down to after checking into them. You’re the only one who knows exactly what you want and what you’re looking for so continue the search if this list wasn’t what you were hoping for. It does take patience but it’s better to be patient and do a proper search, and be happy with your results rather than be unhappy with the choice you made. I’m confident you will find the college you were hoping for in either case.

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