Washington – Child Care Assistance

More times than not nowadays, you’re busy and as a single mother, you don’t have anyone to take care of your child while you’re at work or searching for another job, or whatever it is you’re doing professionally. Your children mean everything to you but you have to work to help provide for them and keep the bills paid. At the same time, you don’t want to drop them off at any old place. Sometimes child care can be expensive too and assistance with paying for that is needed as well. That is more than understandable considering everything keeps going up in price these days.

Searching for these options is no fun and finding them can be a hard task, even with the worldwide internet. I’m hopeful that this article will be resourceful to you and if you haven’t started your search yet, it will give you that start you need.

The Child Care Subsidy Programs
website: http://www.dshs.wa.gov/onlinecso/wccc.shtml
This website explains the child care subsidy programs and how it helps you. It also tells you how you can qualify for it and gives you links you can go to for more information and assistance. You can also call the number for more information on the program.

Washington State Department of Early Learning: Getting Help Paying for Child Care and Preschool
website: http://www.del.wa.gov/care/help/
This is website gives you all sorts of information depending on what you need. Say you are homeless and need help paying for child care, this website has information on that or say you need seasonal child care, there’s also information about that. Whatever it is you need, this site is a good website to read so you’re familiar with what’s available and your rights.

Child Care Resources
website: http://www.childcare.org/
Now this gives you some resources for child care and even has some information for parents as well. It has programs available for children and even some programs for parents wanting specific types of careers. You can seek child care with this option and if nothing else, it’s worth taking a look at or at least giving them a call.

Parent Help: Finding Child Care
website: https://www.parenthelp123.org/families/finding-childcare
Now is website lists different information for parents but this specific link will take you to a small portion of information about child care. In that portion, you’ll find two options if you scroll down, the find child care option and the need help paying for child care option. This is while I included this option in the list since I think this could be resourceful to some parents.

Now while I only listed a few of the many resources out there, I have high hopes these links at least gave you a head start in the search or provided you with more information if you have already started your search. With that being said, always do your own searches and do your own research on your searches and if you can’t find anything online, ask around your community. If you follow those simple steps, I do believe you’ll find the child care you need.

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