Washington – Best Cities

Washington state is a very lovely state if you can handle the rain it’s sometimes known to receive a lot of. Whether you’re moving to Washington state for the first time or just switching cities, sometimes the process isn’t easy. This is definitely the case if you don’t know which areas are known to be some of the more reasonable areas. As a single mother, you only want to move in the more decent areas and not only for yourself, but for your kids. After all, as a parent, your child’s safety and wellbeing is the most important to you so it’s only natural to care about that.

Whether you’re already started your research or you’re just starting, I’ve developing a small list of some of the good cities and/ or towns in Washington state. Hopefully this will provide you with the information you want and/ or need for your search.

1. Bellevue, WA
Bellevue is definitely worth the appearance on the list and if for nothing else, for its beautiful views. It has a good median home prices and several amenities, even more than some of the other options that will be listed here. The schools provide well and most neighborhoods are relatively good for families and/ or single mothers with children.

2. Olympia, WA
This city is a wonderful option to consider for a few reasons. Olympia has a good median income rating and has a number of amenities for your personal enjoyment. The cost of living varies but the schools are average and there are a lot of kids who graduate rather than drop out here.

3. Redmond, WA
This city is east of Seattle, known as the home for major technology creators, and a decent option to consider. Redmond has several biking trails and it doesn’t do bad on commute times compared to some of the other options on the list. The median household income scores well and most people in schools graduate here so you can assume the education isn’t bad either.

4. Seattle, WA
Seattle is another one to make the list on good cities to consider. Now the pros are it has a number of amenities and it has several restaurants as well as great hiking locations. Now the cons are the living costs are higher than some of the other options and so are the crime rates. If you’re not a fan of rainy cities, this might not be your number one choice either. With that being said, it’s definitely worth a spot on the list.

5. Richland, WA
Now Richland, Washington makes the list for a good option. Now it doesn’t provide as many restaurants as the bigger cities but it does have shorter commutes, making it easier for you to get around from one place to another. It also has a lower cost of living so that also makes it easier on your income and you can put the money you save on something else. It doesn’t have a high crime rate so you can expect you won’t see a whole lot of crime here like you would in some of the other cities, so it scores on that as well.

Now just because I didn’t list an option here doesn’t mean I think the city is bad so definitely keep that in mind when considering your choices. I do strongly suggest you keep up the search and do your own searches on cities you’re considering your move to. Only you know what is best for your children and you and only you know what you truly want in a city.

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