Valuable scholarship and grants for single teenage mothers in New Mexico

imagesLike with every other state, single teenage mothers have to contend with the high standards of living in New Mexico. According to survey, New Mexico has a median household income $41,963, which makes it $8,539 lower that the national figures. This has a direct effect on the residents’ lives and especially on the wealth creation process. Some of the hardest hit people when it comes to the economic strength within this state are the single teenage mothers who have to contend with a number of responsibilities all requiring finances which they are unable to raise. Bringing up a baby and juggling the same with the other responsibilities can be a major challenge. However, teenage mothers are encouraged to go back to school with the aim of equipping themselves with the necessary skills that will give them what they need to compete with others in the job market.

There are many scholarships and grants available and from which the single teenage mothers could benefit from in case they choose to go back to school again. One of these programs is the Sabrina Single Mothers Scholarship which is provided to successful applicants who are registered undergraduates and graduates in the University of New Mexico. This need-based financial assistance program has benefited a growing number of students within the state and could prove to be a great program for you as well. and with the cost of education and other necessary requirements rising every now and then, making various applications from both the federal government and nongovernmental programs could proof to be a smart move.

Another suitable scholarship program for single teenage mothers to consider is the Legislative Endowment Scholarship. The assistance under this program is given to those who have proven financial needs and therefore could work well for any single mother seeking to return to college for furtherance of their studies. One of the advantages associated with the program is that those who qualify are normally given $1,000 per year for 2 years of learning and $2,500 per year for those attending 4 year learning. The program is only available to New Mexico residents who should submit their FAFSA application before applying for the scholarship.

Single teenage mothers can also apply for the New Mexico College Affordability Grant. The program was put in place with the aim of helping students from the needy background and who are not benefiting from any other financial scholarship or grant program. Most of the available programs normally carry different requirements which you must fulfill or meet before your application can be accepted and therefore you must ensure that you have read and understood each and every term prior to the application. Normally, you will find some of the programs offering financial support only to students attending post-secondary schools inside New Mexico. This means their age will have to be around 17 years and above and therefore cannot benefit single teenage mothers who are below that age bracket.

New Mexico Student Incentive Grant is another suitable grant program to consider. If you meet the requirements, it is advisable to go for as many programs as possible since most applications you make might not be awarded due to the number of applicants showing interest. The aforementioned program targets needy students attending public post-secondary schools and other selected few institutions within the state of New Mexico and therefore you should check to see whether your institution in the list of the considered institutions.

Additional programs to consider as a single teenage mother include Federal Pell Grants and Student Choice Grant (for selected colleges in New Mexico). There are other organizations to consider joining and seeking for support such as Single Parents Alliance of America which offer grants and scholarships to their members who could be raising children on their own. Completing many applications with different organizations will increase your chances of getting the necessary funds which could help you go back to class for a brighter future.

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