US Government vs Private Sector Which is Better in Giving Grants to Single Mothers

US government vs private sector which is better in giving grants to single mothers

Even developed countries feel relieved, when they qualify to be assisted with grants of various project. There is a unique system of issuing grants to single mothers so, that they can be able to raise their financial circumstances. Recent reports have shown and proved that, the government grants among single mom’s are less popular, than private sector grants. Why is this so? Below are some major aspects, that might have led to this kind of situation whereby the private sector has dominated the government.

Consistency and reliability

People like to be sure of something, in the grant sector private firms are usually consistent in giving grants as compared to the government. This makes single mothers unsure of whether they qualified for a State grant or not. It also leads to a form of confusion of which grant they are suppose to benefit from, in terms of full or partial grants this is because, government grants are no consistent with the amount they are issuing and the dates of issue. This has also led to many single mothers not to rely on them.

Long procedures and processing.

When it comes to government grants there are very long and time wasting procedures that are followed. This is not so with the private granting, which immediately employs to your attention and decide on which form of grant that you suitably fit in. There procedures are short and right to the point unless a misconception issue arises in the applicant’s form.

Poor system of granting.

When you look at the beneficiaries who benefit from government grants, it is usually a rather sad story that it creates. This is because its so easy to find a well of single mother enjoying a full grant, while the one who really needs it is languishing in poverty by being given a partial grant. The system is very majestic in private sector granting since, they award grants on a unique process of giving according to level of education, job group and number of children that are being taken care of by the single mom.

Amount of grants given.

The amount the private sector gives to single mothers as grants is surely making them more popular by the day. Government grants are usually small and come in a mass of requirements that must be fulfilled in order to get.

Corruption within the government sector.

A lot of grants have been squandered by people in the government who were entrusted with grants for helping single mothers. This has made many women to lose the benefits that they are entitled to as single mothers. When compared to the private sector, the issue of corruption is not as frequent since, there is somebody who supervises the movement of grants and is answerable, whenever an issue arises.

The government should try as much as possible to assist our single mothers. They carry the burden of the future of this great nation so, adequate attention should be directed to them and factors that deny them their rights should be erased.

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