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Some mothers can be the type who always need something to do and once the kids go to school and the house is clean, they’re at a loss of what to do. This is especially true with stay at home parents who want to stay active. Whether you’re a working mother or a stay at home mom, volunteering is a great way to help communities. It gives you a sense of accomplishment knowing that you’re volunteering to help a cause, a place, or something you believe in. Luckily, Tucson has its fair share of volunteering opportunities.

The good thing about volunteering is it’s not a full job and a lot of times, you only do it for certain days, or in other cases, for a certain number of days. There are longer term volunteering opportunities for people who are looking for more long term and some pay a small amount of cash, but that’s not why you should considering volunteering.

Reasons to consider volunteering:

  • Let’s say you’re bored of the same old routine you’re used to. You get up, you make breakfast for the kids, make sure house is cleaned, laundry, the usual. Well volunteering can give you a good change of scenery and get you motivated again. It can cure that boredom if you take on the right opportunity and it can help your routine feel less lack-luster.
  • Volunteering is something you can add to your resume. Now this certainly shouldn’t be the main reason you volunteer but it can help your chances at finding a job or changing jobs.
  • Volunteering is good for you. I know you might think this sounds silly but it actually is true, it’s good for your physical and mental health. It boosts optimism, self esteem and your immune system, and it reduces your stress levels.
  • You get to meet new people. Volunteering brings people together for one reason or cause and in that process, you can meet new people who may end up as friends. Even if you’re not looking for friends or to meet new people, sometimes it’s good for you to communicate with something you don’t usually talk to. Volunteering is a good opportunity for that.
  • When you volunteer, you’re saving on resources and that helps so money that might have been used on your cause could be used on other areas. So not only are you help your cause or whatever it is you’re volunteering for but you’re helping your community save money.
  • You get to learn a lot about your community and yourself. You may discover you have a skill you never knew you had and you could start using it outside of volunteering. You also can find out about issues and resources the community has and what is being done to help them. This is a great place to find out about other volunteering opportunities too.
  • You’re making a difference in something. Obviously your family always comes first but when you go out and volunteer, you’re making a difference in something. Every person counts and every person helps in these situations.

Whether you’re volunteering for yourself or for another reason, you’ll find that it’s a rewarding experience and something you may take enjoyment in.

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