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There was a time where single parents couldn’t get into the military at all because of certain policies, and would receive an automatic disqualification. Thanks to new policy changes placed in 2013, that has changed and single parents can now enter the military however. It’s understanding how single parents would want to fight for the country they live in but it doesn’t come without it’s challenges for any single parent.

Things to consider when applying for the Military

Applying for the Military is a big responsibility and if you’re applying to go to combat, you can’t just decide to quit when you want to without proper reasoning. So make sure this is something you are sure about.

There will be certain tests you have to pass no matter what state you’re in and Arizona is no exception. The Asvab test is one of them and these are sometimes taken in high school. If it’s been over two years since you’ve taken this test, you will need to take it again. This is only one of the tests you will be required to take.

If you’re applying for active duty in the military, you will have to do the test at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). Sometimes you can arrange for a ride to and from the station to complete your tests.

If you’re applying for active duty, keep in mind that if you’re accepted and you go into duty, you will be gone for days, weeks, or possibly months at a time. This is a long term job and this isn’t an easy job as I’m sure you’re aware. You will be away from your children for long periods at a time.

There are pros and cons that come with the military and it’s a good idea if you research your pros and cons, and weigh them all in. This is something you definitely need to think about so it’s smart to do your research and think long and hard about it.

Child Concerns

Any parent will most certainly think about their child when considering the process of the military. If you are a single parent, you are thinking about it twice as much. If you decide to join the military, you’ll want to consider the effects it may have on your child. If you’re going into active duty and your child or children are old enough, you’ll want to explain to them what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Especially if they’re going to live with family members, which they more than likely are if you’re going into combat. This can especially be hard for younger children so you may want to consider researching your options on how to deal with younger children before you apply.

Another option is asking for advice from either family members or even the internet. Not this may not help so you can search for a child psychiatrist and they may be able to help you address this issue if it is indeed an issue. No matter how old your child is, your child will always be on your mind while considering any military job.

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