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Mothers have their hands full with being head of the household and taking care of their kids. However, when you’re a single mother, you’re playing both mother and father at times or in some cases all the time. If you had plans to further your education, that may seem like an impossible task now. Between money issues and uncertainty of where to look, it seems like your dreams of furthering your education are grim. Don’t give up hope yet though, there is still hope for you to further your education despite the odds.

There are loan options but also grant options you are sure to qualify for. If time is an issues, most colleges do offer online courses which are at your own pace as long as you meet the deadline at the end of the season. There’s some colleges that let you go at a more flexible pace and if you call your preferred college, most of them are willing to help you find a schedule that fits you.

Let’s go over your financial options and explore the choices that could possibly work for you and help you get the degree you always dreamed of.

Ways to pay for education
Now loans won’t work for everyone. After all, they are something you have to pay back but for those who can afford it, they are an option.

Pima College loans – Pima college (as well as other colleges such as Brookline, UofA, and others) offer loan options for people who can pay such large sums of money but can pay something. A lot of these programs do offer payment plans to paying it back.

Local loan places – Now I’m hesitant to say these types of places so I will stress to do your research first and make sure any place you try is legit and safe but this is an option. You can get a loan and use the money toward furthering your education. I will say is these places can get pushy if you don’t make a payment on time so make sure you can do that but there are some that are less pushy.

Pawn shops- Tucson has a few pawn shops all over so if you have a few things that are worthy of cash, you can pawn them at a pawn shop. If you don’t have any use for them, you can sell them and make some cash that way.

Sell items – If your home is too crowded with items you don’t want or need, you can use sites like ebay or craigslist to sell unwanted items. This is a good way to make a little money and while it may not be enough to pay for your whole tuition, it will definitely help and may make it more manageable.

Grants – Grants are a great option for people who can’t afford loans. The pell grant is one loan and there are also grants to go toward specific classes such as engineering, math or science. There are also grants for people who have high grade point averages and need based grants. So explore your options and see what grants you qualify for.

Financial Aid – Like other state, Arizona has a financial aid system in place and if you make under a certain income, you can sign up for an account with fafsa and see if you can get financial aid. This would be a great option for those who are under a certain income, and you can check if you qualify at the site.

Payment plans – Some colleges do have payment plans so it would be in your best interest to check with your college and see if they offer this. The only downfall is you do have to pay a down payment a lot of times but after that, some people do prefer these over loans if grants aren’t enough.

Hopefully all these options will give you some ideas to make a little extra cash and help you decide if they could benefit you somehow.

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