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There are a lot of single mothers out there today, but there are also quite a few disabled mothers out there. Being a mother is a job in itself but having a disability makes the task harder, especially when you’re fighting for disability. Disability is not easy to get and Tucson, Arizona is one of those places that makes it extra hard for people to get, especially people under thirty-five and that doesn’t make a single mother relax any easier.

The problem with the disability process is what they see is written on paper. They see you writing your problems and perhaps someone close to you confirming but their job is to look in their database and find absolutely anything you can do. With sudden disabilities, it can still be hard because the government will look for any excuse to disapprove your disability. It’s not as if they’re plotting against you necessarily so don’t take it personal but they want to make absolutely sure your disability prevents you from doing any job at all and sometimes they take it overboard, which clouds their judgment. After all, the government has never liked giving out money if they didn’t have to.

Luckily there are ways to work around this if you truly are disabled and while it seems impossible, you can win a disability claim.

Things to be Advised about

Almost every is denied the first time they apply so don’t be discouraged. There are rare occasions where someone will be accepted the first time but they are just that, rare. Unless you are severely deaf, meaning you meet the Arizona requirement of deaf or you are blind and you also meet the requirements of blindness, it’s a pretty good indication you will be denied your first time. It doesn’t mean you will never win though.

There will be a process where you can appeal and I suggest you don’t waste time on this, you only have a certain amount of time and while the amount of time is usually about 60 days or so, it is best not to waste time.

If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it from a family or friend. Many people often fill out their disability paperwork wrong or leave parts blank by accident which results in a denial letter.

It’s a good idea to hire a disability lawyer in the appeal process because studies prove you have a better chance in winning with a lawyer, than without. It’s not necessary to have a lawyer but it is a good idea since they are experienced with this process and they can handle a lot of the process for you. They don’t get paid until you do and their payment is usually taken straight from the SSI office so you won’t have to count out money to determine how much you need to give them.

Make sure you have all your medical forms sent to the disability office with your forms. If you have a disability lawyer, he or she will make sure this is done for you but it is important the disability office has your medical records because otherwise they have no proof in what you’re saying. They need your cooperation and it’s best you get this done quickly as well.

Make regular visits with your doctor and/or psychiatrist depending on what your disability is. Regular visits with the doctor proves you are current with your doctor and your condition is still active and still a disability.

The process is a long process

All and all, don’t be discouraged by how long the process takes. The disability process has always been a long process and I don’t think that will change any time soon, if ever. Fighting for disability is a long process and some people suggest it’s because they hope you’ll give up, especially if you’re a single mother. So be patient and keep up the fight despite the long process it can and will take to fight your disability claim and appeals.

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