The R.O.S.E fund

Many single mothers are looking for programs which give them opportunity to make academic background for their future career. Such programs are available but not many. For single mother students, is very important financial aid as they do not have financial support to complete their educational goals? It is difficult to manage more than two important tasks such as work, go to school and look after kids, especially when no one can support you financially and physically. Children and education needs considerable amount of money. Single mothers have not time to work enough and to recover fees for their academic background and fees needed for children’s education. However it is available now by means of programs that support single mother students by providing them scholarships.

As I already mentioned, such programs are not vastly available and it is difficult to find special reliable and trustworthy organization which provides a suitable program for single mother students. The problem is to connect the right person with the right scholarship and eligibility.  However some programs truly provide substantial financial aids for single mothers. Under substantial aid is meant non-tuition expanses.

One of the most likely places to find scholarships is the federal government, private foundations, and not-for-profit organizations. They provide different programs, which allow you to combine your interest and financial aid and choose the best one for you.  The information about programs is being updated frequently. So you can every time find new information on scholarships for single mothers on the Internet. Try to focus on government websites or well-known, legitimate institutions and non-governmental organizations. One of the largest databases is provided by The U.S. Department of Education Student Aid on the Web, where you can find several grants and scholarships primarily from private organizations and individual schools. You search for scholarships of interest to you by using relevant keywords.

One of the largest non-governmental organizations is The R.O.S.E. Fund (Regaining One’s Self Esteem). The organization is located in New England. It is a non-profit organization chartered to break the silence and the cycle of domestic violence (DV) and teen dating violence and abuse (TDVA).

The financial support of the organization is not limited with covering educational fees. The first aim of organization is to transform the lives of survivors that have physical reminder of their abusive past. So single mother, who are single because they are victims of physical abuse are assisted by the organization. They cover medical expenses and provide female survivors of domestic abuse with access to medical and dental reconstructive procedures to help them to regain their self-esteem.

The second aim of organization is to support financially such single mothers and recover their educational expenses. They give to single mother students the best opportunity to educate, to socialize and empower groups of concerned parents and principals to become an active and effective part of the society.

To sum up, don’t lose the hope and don’t think that you are not part of the society because you were abused and are single mother with no financial background; you have a chance to change your and your child’s life substantially.

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