The Academic Competitiveness Grant

There are thousands of students who are teenage single mothers or fathers and are not able to continue studying because of financial condition and the complicated lives they have. Fortunately for them there are lots of programs which offer s different kinds of grants for studentwilling to continue with their studies.

The Academic Competitiveness Grant also known as ACG is one of them. It started giving awards since 2005 and is cooperating with the Pell Grant. As awards are only given to students who also qualify for Pell Grants, the program is both need- and merit-based. It offers grants to first and second-year college students who worked really hard in high-school and have good academic attendance. However, this organization has strict requests for getting the grant. First of all, you have meet the U.S. Department of Education definition of a “rigorous curriculum”. You have to be ready for meeting really high expectations if you want to get this grant, that’s why it is called a merit-based grant. Student who are low on fund and are willing to apply for the grant must be motivated to study well and hard-working, so they succeed in their career.

The Academic Competitiveness Grant has some eligibility requirements that you have to consider. Firstly, you have to be a citizen of the U.S.A. or an eligible noncitizen. Do not forget that this organization is in the connection with Pell Grant, which means that you have to be Pell Grant recipient and the Academic Competitiveness Grant enables you to get extra grant. As well as, that applicant must be enrolled in an associate’s degree program, bachelor’s degree program or combined either undergraduate or graduate program and have GPA of 3.0 and above. Another thing is, that student must be is first or second academic year at a two-year or four-year degree granting education institution.

As for the award, first –year students an award sum of $750 and second-year student up to $1300. The combination of the grants mentioned above (Pell Grant and ACG) cannot be more than the total cost of the school tuition. Academic Competitiveness Grants may give you the money in different ways. They can transit the money directly as a credit to your school. Or, they may give you a check as well, that you have to deposit in your school account by yourself.

So if you are interested in grants for gaining more education and broaden the range opportunities for future career, you should try and apply for the grant.

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