Tennessee – Volunteering for Single Mothers

Whether you’re volunteering because you know someone who is doing it or you’re doing it to help out the community, or it’s for another reason, volunteering is the most unselfish thing a person can do. As a single mother, you’re showing your children how to give instead of take and how much it means to other people when you give to others. Not only that but you’re saving on resources and you’re providing better health physically and mentally for yourself. Whether you have one child or more, it also improves their self esteem and can help their confidence if you involve them in the process if volunteering. Fortunately for you, Tennessee does have a lot of opportunities when it comes to volunteer opportunities both for adults and children. You have your options available and you won’t have to choose between only one or two options, but between several options.

These opportunities are out there and are fairly easy to find but sometimes for one reason or another, you can get impatient with looking all over the place. I can understand the feeling all too well and I think anyone else, single mother or not, can understand the feeling as well. Researching is something you should definitely do but in attempt to get you a start or help assist you with your search, I will provide you with a few of the many results out there.

Tennessee State Parks – Volunteering
website: http://tnstateparks.com/get-involved/volunteering
This is an outside volunteering opportunity and it is designed to help state parks in Tennessee. It’s not only for one park but lists a few parks and you can volunteer to help out at any of the parks listed. They strive to keep parks safe, clean, and desirable for visitors and your duties will likely revolve around that. If you need more information, go to the website or contact them for more information on this opportunity.

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Volunteering
website: http://www.etch.com/ways_to_give/volunteering.aspx
This is good for those who are passionate about medical opportunities or children, or anything in that area. This opportunity is for those 18 and older but they do have the volunteen program that you can explore the website for. Between opportunities like working in the gift shops to information desk volunteers, and a few more, you have quite a few opportunities to choose from.

Nashville Cares Volunteer Program
website: http://www.nashvillecares.org/volunteer/
This is another option for those who enjoy helping their community and making it a better place to live in. There are a number of opportunities such as delivering meals to data entry or filing, and many more opportunities you can choose from. If you don’t qualify for one, you will qualify for another and you be trained accordingly for the program you’re volunteering for.

Nashville Public Library – Volunteer
website: http://www.library.nashville.org/volunteer/
Now this is another one for Nashville residents but individuals as young as 13 years of age can volunteer for this opportunity. Between helping people use the computers to shelving materials and more, you have a few opportunities to choose between. These jobs aren’t hard to train for but you want to do your best for them. At the same time, it’s more than likely you’ll be accepted for one of their opportunities no matter what it is.

Raise your hand TN
website: http://www.uwtn.org/RaiseYourHandTN.aspx
This opportunity is for adults for the most part and it aims to read, tutor, and mentor children in any way they can. They have a passion in helping children succeed at life and they strive to do just that. This opportunity is good for those who love children and who enjoy helping children or want an opportunity involving children in some shape or form.

Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge
website: http://www.fws.gov/tennesseerefuge/VolunteersInterns.htm
Now this one is for those who are big fans of the outdoors and wildlife. Their goal is to conserve, enhance and protect wildlife, America’s fish, and their habitats according to their website. There is free housing provided and although there is no salary, there is a stipend according to their website. This is a good opportunity to consider and if you need more information, you can contact them on their website.

With these resources, I hope you were able to find an opportunity you like or at the very least, it inspired you to continue your search for volunteer opportunities. When checking for information on volunteering, make sure to check with your local communities too, as they can sometimes be more helpful. If you do decide to search the internet, put in your local area to narrow down your search and find opportunities right in your area. As long as you don’t give up on the search, you’re definitely find something you not only like but something you can involve your children in.

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