Tennessee – Shelters for Single Mothers

 Sometimes as a single mother, women miss that closeness with someone, that companionship, that love they may have had for someone and maybe you’re feeling the same as them. If you’re someone who never truly felt it, maybe you desire it now so you go search for it. You meet a guy who seems great but soon you find out he’s not as great as he seems and he’s abusive in more ways than one. So you decide the best thing to do is find help or a shelter that can help you in some way.

Maybe your problem isn’t domestic abuse but it’s more along the lines of keeping a roof over your head and your children’s head. Unfortunately the bills have gotten out of control and you find yourself in the verge of being thrown out of your house or apartment. Maybe you already are homeless and you’re just staying with a family member to keep a roof over your children’s heads but you know you can’t stay there forever for one reason or another. So now you need a homeless shelter that suits both your children and yourself.

No matter which situation you’re suffering from, you deserve relief and Tennessee does have several shelters out there for both cases. Understandably you’re in a hurry to find some shelters and while I usually recommend doing some research of your own if you can and I still do, I will provide some options for you to consider. Hopefully you’ll be able to use one of these options and if nothing else, it’ll inform you of what is out there.

Tennessee’s Women’s Shelters, transitional housing
Location: Tennessee
website: http://www.womenshelters.org/sta/tennessee
This doesn’t list all of the women’s shelters available but it does list some and you can enter your zip code in to narrow in the search. I would to include a list of women’s shelters for women who on in a hurry to get out a bad situation and don’t want to go from site to site searching for every option out there.

Tennessee Homeless Shelters
Location: Tennessee
website: http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/tennessee.html
Now this is another list but instead of women’s shelters, it’s for homeless shelters because obviously if you’re homeless or on the verge of it, you’re in a hurry to find something and in a desperate situation. All you need to do in click the city you’re in or you can type it if you prefer and see what results it provides for you. This is a good way to do a search on one website instead of searching all over the internet when time is not on your side.

Safe Haven Homeless Shelter
Location: Nashville, TN
website: http://safehaven.org/
This is a homeless shelter designed to help families get back on their feet and they have programs for families to prove it. They have programs designed for parents, including therapeutic programs, and there’s programs for children as well. They also have opportunities to volunteer and they organize events for their cause and those they help as well.

Bridges DVC Home
Location: Franklin, TN
website: http://www.bridgesdvc.org/
This is a domestic abuse center for men, women and children, and they strive to help anyone who is suffering from any kind of abuse. They offer safe transition and depending on the case, they offer intervention and education to those they help. They have different services for residents and they also have events people can participate in. They also have volunteer opportunities and for those who want to help, they have donation options.

Safe Passage Domestic Abuse Shelter
Location: Johnson City, TN
website: http://www.safepassageshelter.org/
This is another domestic violence shelter for women and children. They offer client services and safety to everyone they help and they also have phone numbers, as well as a hotline you can call if you need someone as soon as possible. While their website may not be as fancy, they still strive to offer the best care to those who need it and they don’t treat anyone any less. For those who want to help out, they can donate if they choose to.

Now these are only a few of the many shelters out there but I hope they did provide some sort of assistance to your situation. Don’t be afraid to ask around your community or ask your local churches if they know of any assistance/ shelters for you. Most websites you check out have phone numbers and/ or hotlines so if you’re unsure about something, you can call them. No matter what the scenario is, I wish your children and you the best but I’m also confident you can get into a better environment. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other.

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