Tennessee Scholarships For Single Teenage Mothers

Tennessee is one of the most populous states in the US with an estimated population of 7 Million people. Though not the biggest state, it has a great potential and especially considering the young people living in the state especially those below the age of 21. However, the state has had to contend with the challenge of teenage childbearing rates which have resulted in the rise in poverty levels and especially among the youthful residents. Due to the rise in the number of teenage pregnancy, many young people have ended up dropping out of college with only a small margin of the same returning to class to pursue their career dreams. As a single teenage mother, it is important to consider returning to college as one of the ways to improve your skills and ability to compete in the challenging job market thus bettering your future and that of your child. With a median household income of $41693, life in Tennessee can be challenging and especially for people within the teenage mother bracket.

As a single teenage mother however, funds should not stand as the impediment to your future dreams with the many available grants and scholarships from which you could benefit from and continue with your studies. There are various programs that are government and community supported and from where single teenage moms can seek for financial assistance to not only make it back to class but also to make their life easier. One of these programs is the Tennessee Student Assistance Award Program or TSAA which aims at helping needy students within the state. For you to benefit from this program however, one must be an undergraduate and must be enrolled in a state college within the state. You can enjoy this funding even if you are enrolled half time in the college.

If you are seeking financial assistance under this program, you should make sure that you have filed your FAFSA application early enough as this is always used as a basis upon which the awarded funds are determined. Another such scholarship for single teenage mothers is the Dual Enrollment Grant and available to those enrolled in a high school or qualifying college. The money from this program comes from state lottery fund. You should check on the various requirements associated with this funding to ensure that you qualify to apply. And although the funding awarded is not big, the money given will help you as a single teenage mother to cater for some of your tuition needs.

Scholarships for single teenage mothers can also be obtained from Tennessee Hope Access Grant. This program caters for freshmen who have attained 860-970 SAT or 18 to 20 ACT and a minimum of 2.75 GPA. Most teenage moms in the state will definitely qualify for this funding as it is available for those whose parents earn $36,000. This program is however non-renewable. You should apply for this scholarship early enough and this is something that you should understand if you will benefit from the same. You will also need to have file your FAFSA application early.

When applying for some of the scholarships in Tennessee, one should not benefit from the HOPE Scholarship grant. You will also need to be a resident of this state in addition to having been enrolled in a college. Pell Grant is yet another great funding program supported by the federal government and which you should consider. It is always important to make various applications to increase your possibilities of qualifying as most of these scholarships for single teenage mothers are highly competitive and therefore do attract a lot of applicants. Even though this is the case, you should not give up on your career dream as this will help transform your future and that of your child.

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