Tennessee – Disaster Relief for Single Mothers

Unfortunately sometimes disasters happen and whether they could have been prevented or not, they can leave devastating results. Even people who prepare to the fullest can be left with the worst results and be unprepared for the damage they’re left with. This is hard on anyone but for single mothers with children of any age, this can be a real hard hit to them. Especially with the fact that they’re the only income and the only ones providing for your children. No matter who you are, Tennessee does have disaster relief assistance, support and programs for you to consider. If you’re someone who wants to help, you can donate or volunteer for some of these disaster organizations.

Even while you know this is true, I can understand how frustrating the search for these assistance programs can be. I know how tired you must be after going through a disaster and you probably don’t want to spend too much time searching around. Not to mention, you probably don’t have much time to search for programs with your children and your home destroyed. So in attempt to help you with the search, I’m going to provide you with some researches I hope you can find useful.

Northwest Tennessee Disaster Services
website: http://www.togetherforall.org/
This is a disaster relief organization that aims to provide relief to victims of disasters, and also aims to prevent and prepare for future disasters. They have lots of information on their website about what services they offer and they also have a hotline and phone numbers you can call if you need some kind of disaster relief. If you’re someone who wants to help, you can also donate through their donation page and your money will go to help victims of disasters.

For those who want to help: Tennessee Baptist Convention
website: http://www.tnbaptist.org/page.asp?cat=miss&subcat=relief
Now this is for those who want to help those who suffered from disasters of some type. Whether you want to help build or donate, they have different opportunities for you to take part in. If you are someone who actually suffered from a disaster, you may be able to email them and plead your case to them and they might be able to help you. In either case, this is a good opportunity for people on both sides of the table if you know what I mean.

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance: Tennessee
website: http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/states/tennessee/library/disasterrelief
This is great for resources on any type of disaster relief or emergency assistance. This lists some of the assistance resources and also resources for preparing for disasters to help those who need it. If you explore the website a little bit, you can find information on how you can get help or the relief that you need if you suffered from some type of disaster.

Disaster Relief Ministry
website: http://www.kcab.org/647187
This church provides support and programs for those who have been through disasters. It offers support and even has a donation button for those who want to help the ministry with their tasks. Your money will go to help support the programs they provide such as Sunday classes and supplies to help that. All and all, this is a good option to consider for support if nothing else.

Tennessee Disaster Support Network
website: http://health.state.tn.us/ceds/TNDisSup/partnerorgs.html
TDSN is a support network for those who have suffered through disasters. It also helps you plan for disasters and gives information on what to do during a disaster, and also the recovery process. It offers lots of support to those who need it whether you’re a mother, whether you’re disabled, or another else. It takes everyone and every situation into consideration and appears to be very considerate of all people.

Now I do hope these resources can be of some use to you and if you found no use in them, don’t be too let down since there are many other programs out there. I know it can be a little scary, especially after everything you been through, and a little time consuming but don’t give up just yet. As long as you stay strong and be there for your children, and continue your search, you’ll make it through. Don’t be discouraged, there are programs and there is support out there for you. No matter what happens, I am confident you will find the assistance you need.

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