Tennessee – Child Care Assistance for Single Mothers

It’s a tough job to be a mother and when you’re a single mother when nobody to assist you, it’s even tougher when you have to work or run errands. Those who you do have are busy themselves so you can’t lay your kids on them either unfortunately. You can’t just stop working and skip out on your errands as much as you would rather be with your children. As stressing as this situation may be, you can breathe a sigh of relief when I tell you not all hope is lost just yet. Tennessee has child care assistance programs to help you with child care costs and a number of day cares available for people just like you. The amount of daycares out there are endless and there are assistance programs available in every city, every county.

Now whether you knew this or not, you may still be staring blankly at the screen because you’re unsure of how to find these programs. I know a lot of people like you so you’re not alone in feeling that way, trust me when I say that. In an effort to help you get a head start in your search, I’m going to provide you with a few resources/ links that may be of use too you so you can get an idea of what is available for you.

Stonebrook Day School
website: http://www.stonebrookdayschool.com/infant-day-care-in-murfreesboro-tn.shtml
Stonebrook is a day school for newborns and infants, and it assures total safety and care for your baby throughout the day while you work or take care of errands. It is located in Murfreesboro, TN and empathizes the knowledge and duties they train their professionals to know when caring for your baby or babies. Before you agree to sign your babies up for Stonebrook, you can schedule a tour and explore so you can know exactly how they go about their day and how they choose to care for the babies.

Tennessee Department of Human Services- Child Care Financial Assistance
website: http://tennessee.gov/humanserv/adfam/ccfa.html
This website will list the child care assistance programs that will help you pay for child care costs. You can decide which child care program you need and check to see if you qualify for the program. You can explore each option and explore the website in general to see if the website has anything to offer you, and apply.

Day Care & Child Care
website: http://www.daycare-nashville.com/
This is a day care offering resources, affordable care, and a loving and caring environment for children. They offer a number of programs, different types of services, and trained staff to assist your children and tend to their every care and needs. You can rest assured that your children are getting the best care while you are busy working or taking care of business.

Tennessee Child Care Assistance
website: http://www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/tennessee_child_care_assistanc.html
Now this one is more for information than anything and is good to get resourceful information if nothing else. it explains the child care assistance program in case you don’t completely understand it or you’re unsure about it. It also has a phone number that way if you have any questions that are not answered, you can call and ask.

Daycare Child Care
website: http://www.careforkidshere.com/placecategory/daycare/
This is not only one daycare but it’s a list of daycares for you to look through and decide on which one best fits you and your children. I decided to include a list so you can choose between some options and compare your options with each other. Each daycare has pros about them and this is a good way for you to have total control and information on where your children are going.

Hopefully these resources helped you at least somewhat but I think they provided you with a good stroke of confidence that there are hope after all, if nothing else. If you do decide to do your own searches, do skip over lists or informational websites because they can provide you with something that other websites may not. As long as you know that there is help for you and you explore all your options, I have no doubt you’ll find what you need in regards to child care and child care assistance. Good Luck but at this point, I don’t think you’ll be needing it so much anymore.

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