Tennessee – Charities; Donating for Single Mothers

Sometimes problems become overwhelming whether it’s a problem that has been around for a while or something that was cause from a natural disaster. Being that our country is in debt, not to mention our government can’t seem to agree how to solve these problems, there is the generosity of charities and organizations who step in. When you donate to these type of places, you are helping them in their goals with whatever cause it is they’re fighting for. There are many different organizations, many different charities, many different causes to donate to so it’s no wonder why you would consider doing such a thing. It’s an honorable thing to do and not only for yourself but for those in the community, and even for your children because you’re showing them the gift of giving. There are many charities and organizations all over to donate to and Tennessee has no shortage of charities.

While you know this to be factual, sometimes finding exactly what you want to donate to can be a hard task. If you’re not too picky about what you want to donate to, you don’t have much of a problem but if you want to donate to a certain cause, it can be a little more of a search. I will provide you with a few options you can consider but keep in mind, these are only meant to help you along in the process of your search.

Catholic Charities of Tennessee: This is an organization that helps people get on their feet again when they’re going through rough times. From programs like providing food and clothing to helping people find jobs, to many other services, your donations will help fund these programs and help the community become and remain a good community. You can be assured you are helping out someone less fortunate than yourself if you donate here.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Nashville: This is the Ronald McDonald house and they obviously help unwell children and their families feel more comfortable while they’re in the hospital. Your donations will go to help fund the services the Ronald McDonald house has to offer and you can be assured you are helping a good cause with this one.

The Elephant Sanctuary: This is one of the largest national natural habitat refugees for African or Asian elephants and is a great charity for animal or nature lovers. They provide safe habitats for captive elephants, care for them, and treat injured elephants. As you can imagine, none of that comes cheap so your donations will go to help fund their cause and help keep their cause alive.

Donation Town of Memphis TN: This organization strives to help those less fortunate as well and if you have lightly used household items, clothes, or even cash if that’s what you want to donate, this is the charity to donate. If you schedule a pickup, they will even come back and pick it up for you so you don’t have to leave your home. Your donations will go to people less fortunate, people can’t afford to buy items or don’t make a lot of money themselves.

Charity Vault; Tennessee Version: This is not a specific charity but depending on what option you click, it gives you a list of charities. You can go by city, by organization, by category or whatever else you want to and it’s good for people who want more than one option but don’t want to search all over the web to find these options.

Now these are only a few options that are Tennessee based and keep in mind, there are many more out there for you to think about. Especially in today’s day and age, with today’s economy, people get a little more clingy to their cash so charities and those in need can use these extra dollars, even if it is only a dollar. This kind of thing makes you realize that no matter how bad you have it, as long as you have a roof over your head, healthy children and your health, some of the causes and charities you’re donating to are fighting for a better future and in some cases, they are fighting for people who have it worse than you. I have no doubt you will find something you can donate to and a cause you believe in.

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