Support for Single Teenage Mothers in Illinois

Teenage mothers face a lot of educational problems in particular when we compare their lives with the normal girls who have all the luxuries and necessities attached to their lives. In past many years, the act of becoming a single teenage mother was not so much entertained and considered seriously by the society but the recent few years have seen many girls turning into women at a very young age. This does not hinder their normal growing age and life overall but also has serious implications on their educational and formal academic prospects. It is really tough to raise and bear all the expenses attached to being single teenage mother that’s why a number of schemes, awards, and scholarships for single teenage mothers have started. The financial help in terms of education, health, and other sectors is asked for by single mothers in so tender age. Therefore, in Illinois also there are a number of agencies and foundations providing scholarships for single teenage mothers.

One of such organizations is the Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Club. The organization is mainly interested in providing scholarship grants for the single teenage mothers. The mothers must be attending a college and also must be a mother of multiple birth children (having the quads, triplets, twins, or even more). The web address of this organization is: and can be visited for further information, scholarship conditions, deadlines, etc.

Another helpful resource for finding scholarships for single teenage mothers is the ‘College of DuPage Foundation Single Parent Scholarship’. The institution is providing educational scholarships and support to those in desperate need of it and are single teenage mothers as well. The scholarship is however only intended for attendees in the DuPage College. However there are some conditions attached to it. The person must be a resident of the district 502, has a cumulative CGPA of 2.0 (on a scale of 4.0), has maintained at least a part-time status, and the person must get enrolled in the degree, transfer or scholarship program. But that’s not all, the amount is provided is only to the used for purchasing the booklets or books, and paying tuition fees at the College of DuPage. The payment of amount is to be made in two semesters academically; these would be $500 for spring and fall. Also, the stipulation involves the condition in case of non-usage of the funds provided. If a fund is not utilized by the ending of the spring semester, it would result in its return to the general fund at the DuPage College. The scholarship is also not limited to the part time or full time students only, and both of these sections can enjoy the merits of scholarship at College of DuPage. It should also be noted that, the college issues only 10 scholarships each year and of the amount $1000 in each year.

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