Support a student scholarship for single mothers

Many single mother students do not have financial support to complete their education goals. Their life is too complicated because they  must work and go to school at the same time, and cannot handle to do both of them and to look after their child; It’s difficult to save money to pay for non-tuition related expenses such as rent, childcare, and groceries while going to school. But there are programs that support such students by providing them scholarships.

So student scholarships can be based on very specific criteria such as scholarships for single mothers. Such scholarships are not a lot and it is difficult to find special reliable and trustworthy organization which provides an appropriate program for single mothers. There are many fake programs, which can mislead single mothers. The problem is to connect the right person with the right scholarship and eligibility.  However some programs truly provide substantial financial aids for single mothers.

One of such programs provides The name of the program is “Support a Student Scholarship for Single Parents.” Single mothers are provided financial aid of $10,000 which covers living expenses such a rent childcare, books and supplies, utilities, and groceries. Thus the scholarship can’t be sent to the recipient student; rather Education Aid will be paid for the expenses directly.

Another problem is to prove that you are really a single mother. You will be required to provide relevant supporting documentation which are necessary to validate any expenses being paid for on your behalf. So if you are a single mother you should not pass this opportunity and it is a right time to apply for the program. For your career there is no better chance.

There are some requirements for being applicant of this program. First of all it’s important attending an accredited post-secondary institution. Besides you should participate in an online degree program or a campus-based degree program with a significant online component to it such as online lectures or quizzes. You should take in consideration the 10 000$ is not enough for your educational plans. The program is just covering only non-tuition fees, and not your education. Thus it is important to provide appropriate documents, which prove that you are receiving some type of financial aid. The last component is being a single parent. So if you can provide all of the required documents, you will be the best applicant and you will definitely receive the scholarship. Don’t be frustrated and don’t think that your career has been finished because you are a single mother.  It will be any better time for you so hurry up and apply for the program you will have the best career for you and for your child.

The “Support a Student” Program was created by Education Aid and funded by to help economically disadvantaged students who are at risk of dropping out of school due to lack of financial support.

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