Suitable Scholarships For Single Teenage Mothers In Oregon

For any single teenage mother seeking to enroll back to college after delivery in Oregon, getting to balance the financial responsibilities can be a major challenge. With a median household income of $46,816, the does not fare well with a shortfall of $3,686 compared to the US median household income. This translates to a harder economic life for many residents most of whom are single mothers striving to make ends meet for themselves and their children. It is advised however that mothers who are single should seek to better their academic qualifications by going back to school as this will help them in getting jobs that could help make their future better. The challenge however is normally in raising the required tuition fee while at the same time fending off for their young ones. There are however numerous scholarships and grant programs available of which one can make application.

One such scholarship is the Pell Grant which is state supported. This financial assistance does not require the eligible applicants to repay the money after completing their course and therefore does not leave you with a financial burden to offload. But as with every other government scholarship or grant, you will need to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is used to determine the eligibility of the applicants. This application should be submitted early enough in case you anticipate that you will need to apply for scholarship or grant from the federal supported program. The FAFSA submission should be done one year before you apply for any financial aid to help you in your study endeavors. Oregon does not have a deadline as to when these forms should be submitted and this makes it different from many other states.

There are also many other fitting scholarships for single teenage mother who are residents of Oregon and wishing to get back to school. For example you could check out for the Oregon Opportunity Grant which is a state financial aid program benefiting thousands of students who are financial strapped and would wish to carry on with their studies. All the students in the state who meet all the requirements are free to apply for this grant although not everyone who applies ends up receiving the awards. You should make sure that your FAFSA application is properly filed in order to stand a chance of benefiting from this grant.

Other scholarship programs that could help single teenage mothers willing to return to college can be received from Oregon Student Access Commission (OSAC)scholarship services which has numerous scholarship and grant programs available to millions of students within the state. Browsing through the available scholarships under this umbrella scholarship program will help you pick out some of the suitable programs that will work for you.

Robert C Byrd Honors Program Scholarship is yet another great high-achievement based scholarship program that you could consider is you are a bright student. Those who have attained a GED score of at least 3300 or a GPA of at least 3.85 are free to apply and could benefit from an award of $1,500 renewable thrice. Another incredible scholarship program to check out for is the Oregon Student Child Care Grant which offers financial assistance to students with children below the age of 12 years. This is definitely a great scholarship for single teenage mothers and especially if you have received the scholarship in the past from the Oregon Department of Human Services or from the commission.

Additional scholarships can be received from different universities and colleges within the state of Oregon. Most of them are however merit-based while others have to do with special abilities and majors. Sadie Orr Dunbar Nursing Education Fund is also great for nursing students enrolled in a post-secondary institution for an accredited nursing program. Always make sure that you have provided all your relevant information accurately in order to stand a chance of being considered for these scholarships for single teenage mothers.

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