Suitable Scholarships For Single Teenage Mothers In Idaho

Although Idaho has seen a decline in the number of pregnancies and childbearing among teenagers this year, the problem still remains as one of the major challenges that need to be tackled in this state. Many teenage girls who are sexually active end up getting pregnant among whom a huge percentage become single teenage mothers who have to either depend on the state or other people to help carry the responsibility of raising up a child that they were not prepared to support. With the cost of living on the rise, many teenage moms are forced to live a life of poverty something that many organizations have tried to change through various scholarships and grants that are aimed not only to provide basic necessities to these girls but also to help them return to college.

If you are a single teenage mother living in Idaho, it is important to consider going back to school as this gives you a better platform to prepare for a better future for yourself and that of your child. One of the available scholarships for single teenage mothers is the highly competitive Pell Grant which is state run and seeks to assist needy students within the state with finances that will help them realize their academic dreams. It is however important to note that although this grant is need based, one is given a certain amount of money depending with the school they attend and this is important to understand even before making the application. It is therefore important to secure a place in college as the fund administrators will always require a confirmation letter from your school showing that you are their student.

Another thing that you should understand when applying for the Pell Grant is that you must have filed your FAFSA application early enough as this helps to show the extent of your need based on the Expected Family Contribution. When filing your FAFSA application however, many students fail the test of transparency something that costs them the chance to benefit from the funds. You should ensure that all the relevant information provided in this application is accurate if you are to benefit from the funding. There are many other factors used to determine the amount of money to be awarded under the Pell Grant and which you should be aware of before you send your application.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is yet another major financial assistance platform available to single teenage mothers in the state of Idaho. This fund is almost similar to the Pell Grants and works as a credit towards the college that you wish to attend as a single mother. Single moms coming from groups that have a history of under-representation can also benefit from the Idaho Minority and “At-Risk” Scholarship which is also a great opportunity to returning mothers who wish to pursue their academic dream. And although the funds provided for under these programs might not be enough to see you go through your college successfully, most of the programs are renewable every year and thus you should seek to advance your dream through such an opening.

There are other scholarships for single teenage mothers in Idaho such as the AAUW Scholarship which is provided by Kathy Miller-Dillon giving returning juniors, seniors or non-traditional UWM students with $600 to help cater for some of their education needs. This is an ideal program as it gives preference to single moms as well as those who have complete 2 or more courses to do with women affairs.

You can also apply for the Agnes Drexler Kujawa Memorial Scholarship which also caters for single mothers who have physical custody of one or more small children. Seeking funding from a number of programs is always advisable and especially if you are able to meet all their requirements as this enhances your chances of getting the funds that you need to complete your studies as a single teenage mother. Always ensure that you have checked the genuineness of each program before sending your application or any purported registration fees.

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