Suitable Scholarship Programs For Single Teenage Mothers In Delaware

The state of Delaware is ranked among the richest states in the US with the latest figures showing its median household income to be $58,814 in 2011. The unemployment figures have been rising and dropping every year as with every other state in the US and most of those affected are the young people between the age of 15 and 21. Due to the strong economy for the State, the level of teenage childbearing has been contained to lower figures when compared to many other states but this does not rule out the fact that there are no teenage pregnancies and childbearing cases within Delaware. Single teenage mothers have over the past been encouraged to return to school as a way of helping them better their lives and live above the poverty line as this has affected many dropouts who do not have the required skills to make it in the highly competitive job market.

As a single teenage mother, you can benefit from a number of scholarships and grants offered to people within your bracket from a number of organizations and the federal government. One such scholarship program that you should consider is that George E Gordy Family Education Trust Scholarship that is intended to help graduates to Sussex Country Delaware High School. The 4 year scholarship program is renewable annually in order to the applicants to maintain their eligibility. This can be a great platform to get funding for your studies thus reducing the financial burden from off your shoulders which can otherwise keep you off the class and make you unable to get a well paying job within the state.

Delaware Governor’s Workforce Development Grant program is yet another ideal scholarship for single teenage mothers. Offered on need-basis, the Delaware High Education Office managed program targets to assist post-primary students financially among others. The secret in enjoying adequate funding as a single mother is to ensure that you are able to look for various scholarship opportunities with the aim of enhancing your chances of being awarded the required amount of money especially with the rising cost of education in the US. The aforementioned program is therefore one of the most ideal financial source to consider.

Single teenage mothers in Delaware can also benefit from the SR Education Group scholarship which awards $2000 to applicants who are legal residents of the United States. This program specifically targets female students who are 16 years and above and attending college and can therefore be pointed out to be one of the best scholarships for teenage mothers who would want to further their studies after childbearing. When applying for this scholarship, one is required to be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution full-time in addition to being able to answer 3 open-ended essay questions. It is however important to ensure that you have filed your FAFSA application as this is a requirement for those who make it to the final round of the assessment process.

Another suitable scholarship program to consider is the Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation sponsored scholarship program which targets low income women and children. Although highly competitive, this scholarship is worth trying as the process is far much easier than toiling and being stressed up that result from the lack of jobs and financial support needed for you and your child. You need to be a woman who is 17 years and a mother of a minor and enrolled in a GED, skills training or ESL program to qualify for this scholarship. Scholarships for single teenage mothers are also available from Pell Grant and other federal government sponsored programs as well. to qualify, you must ensure that you have read and understood all the requirements in addition to being able to provide accurate information where needed.

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