State Assistance for Single Mothers in Mississippi

Raising children with your life partner is not so hard, but when it comes to single mothers, it could be impossible. If you are single and you want to satisfy all your child’s needs, you must make big sacrifices. However, if you live in Mississippi, the local Department of Human Services offers you several benefits in order to make your life better. You can either apply online or visit the local office in order to receive the government benefits. Moreover, you should be aware that these monthly benefits require some proofs, such as your income.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

This program is also known as SNAP and it provides monthly food assistance for single mothers that face difficulties in raising their children. At the beginning of each month, you are given a necessary amount of cash in order to purchase fruits and vegetables from any grocery store available in your town. By using the EBT card, you can buy almost everything you like, except hot foods, alcohol, cigarettes and energy drinks. The main idea of this program is to encourage people to consume healthy and low calorie foods, but also other stuff.

Energy Assistance

Single mothers that are eligible are helped to pay their monthly energy bills. The funds are called LEAP funds and they may be used to pay your natural gas and electricity bills. These funds are given based on the state’s poverty level. In most of the cases, families prefer to use them during winter, when they consume loads of natural gas. However, you should know that these funds can cover all forms of heating.

Women, Infants and Children

Woman, Infants and Children, also known as WIC, is a special program offered by the Mississippi State Department of Health that offers vouchers for different types of food. Pregnant women and children younger than five years of age may benefit from this program in order to obtain nutritious food such as: milk, eggs, cheese, cereals. If you are eligible for this program, you get these products monthly and if you already benefit from other Mississippi state assistance, you can apply for WIC any time you want. If you are accepted for this monthly assistance, both women and children must attend some nutrition classes, in order to monitor their weight and iron or calcium levels.

Tax Credits

This program is divided in two categories: the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Credit. The idea of these two programs is to help single mothers during tax period. If you want to benefit from an Earned Income Credit, your annual income should be less than $75.000 and you must also have a child under the age of 17 in your custody. If you meet these requirements, you may get up to $1.000 credit per dependent. If the mother is sharing the child’s custody with her ex-husband, the parent that lives more than half an year with the child and pays more than half of his income for the child’s needs should benefit from these two programs.

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  1. My child and I struggles everyday. I tried to get on hud but every hud assistance employee is always giving me the run around saying that they are closed I don’t know what my child and I will do. I am unemployed but looking for any job and is living with someone else.


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