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No matter what type of shelter you’re looking for, it can be a quite a stressing process. This is definitely true when you know there are shelters of all kinds out there and the options are limitless. Whether it’s an animal shelter, a homeless shelter, a domestic violence shelter, or any other type, there are options for you. Now I sort of repeated myself but I wanted to reassure you of this factor in order to calm any stress you may be feeling.

Now I understand the frustrations with finding a shelter no matter what type. So hopefully I’m hoping that the few results I provide you, it’ll help you with a good idea of what is out there.

Are these the only good results?

Not at all but I am a strong supporter of people doing their own research and searching for what they need themselves. So while I am trying to give you a start in the search and possibly solve your issues, I do think it’s a good idea you do your own searches as well.

A few Shelters Available

Coalition for the Homeless
Location: New York, NY
This website provides help, no matter what type of help it is. Whether you’re in danger of becoming homeless or need a domestic violence shelter, or some kind of other help, this website provides resources. Definitely give it a looking at and see if it can help you.

Family Shelters: New York
Location: New York
This gives you a list of some of the shelters available in New York, and not just New York City. It has options in Buffalo, Brooklyn, the Bronx, as well as other parts of New York. This is definitely something to look at for help.

Animal Care & Control of NYC
Location: New York City
Now this is an animal shelter in New York City and provides options for you to adopt, as well as volunteer, and donate. If you’re looking for a pet to adopt and you live in NYC, this is definitely an option to look at.

Adopt a Shelter Pet
Location: All Over
With this website, you put in your zip code and indicate whether you want to adopt a cat or dog, and see what results it brings you. This is a good option so you can find something close to you and while it may not provide every single shelter, it should give you some good choices to choose from in your area.

Keywords to search for
Mix and match keywords when searching for results with whatever type of shelter you are looking for. Whether it’s just information you’re looking for or actual shelters, don’t be afraid to look no matter how frustrating it can be.

Shelters in New York
Animal Adoption Information
Information about Domestic violence Shelters
Abuse Shelters in __ (name of your location)
Homeless Shelters Available in___ (name of your location)
Animal Shelters in New York
Dogs and Cats for adoption

I do hope this article provided you with some information, or at least gave you a good head start in searching for information and/or shelters available. There are several shelters out there of different kinds and the key is just to have the patience to search for them. Good luck in your search and I’m confident if you put in the effort, you’ll find the shelter that you’re looking for.

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