State 12 -Georgia – Colleges

Georgia is known for a lot of things but maybe you didn’t know that it also has its fair share of good colleges and universities. Maybe you did know that and that’s the problem, it’s making the choices between colleges that much harder. Now maybe you want to further your education and go back to college, or maybe you’re actually helping your daughter or son look at colleges but either way, you do have a lot of options to choose from and a lot of good options.

Sometimes the search makes things harder though but I hope that with this article, it will help you narrow down your search options with the college of your choice. If nothing else, you can confirm your suspicions or cross an option off your list.

University of Georgia
This university is located in Athens, GA and is a great option. It has a fascinating history, an appealing college life, and a more than impressive honors program. You can choose from different programs here and no matter what you choose, you’re more than likely to succeed as long as you try since they’re eager to help students succeed. It’s definitely worth a spot on the list.

Savannah College of Art and Design
This university is located in Savannah, GA and it is obviously a college if art and design. It has a lot of historic buildings and includes locations in Atlanta, France, and Hong Kong. It is highly rated in the arts area and the students seem to agree with that rating. If you’re looking for an arts college, this is one to consider.

Mercer University
This university is located in Macon, GA and I found their programs quite appealing. No matter what type of class you want, they have a choice for you and they also offer undergraduate programs. Students appear to enjoy Mercer, student life and all else, and I can see why after doing my research on the college.

Berry College
This college is located in Mount Berry, GA and is for both men and women. You can choose between artsy classes like art or music to medical programs like nursing or psychology, to several other choices. It is a top rated college and students have been known to excel with this college.

Agnes Scott College
This is a woman’s college in Decatur, GA with lots of options for women to excel. Not normally I don’t do options like this, I don’t like to do options that exclude one gender or the other but this was such a good option, I thought I would throw it on the list. This is a liberal arts college and it has quite a few majors and minors for women to choose from.

Let me state that this was a small list and there are many good colleges I didn’t name here so don’t be discouraged if your choice wasn’t listed. It’s best if you do your own searches and read up on the college(s) of choice to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Check the campuses, the campus life, the activities, the sports if that’s important to you, check out everything that matters to you before you make a choice. All and all, I am confident you will be able to make a decision as long as you do your homework on your campus.

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