Single teenage mother scholarships

Becoming a single teenage mother is a weird yet accept fact in today’s world where a number of cases are heard of everyday in which young teenage girls become single mothers from one reason or the other. This however does not only have cultural, religious, moral implications but also makes an individual’s life in general harder than it is otherwise. Especially when a young girl has to manage her study expenses along with giving proper time and attention to her baby not only in terms of good amount of time but with hefty amount of money intended to take care of baby’s daily needs. This makes these girls turned into women at quite a younger age the right and desperate need of asking for financial aid to keep their educational activities going. This does not only come from the added expense of a baby but a single teenage mother is also kicked out of the house ruthlessly by her parents in pure rage. However, in the United States different scholarship programs by colleges and universities as well as the government are available for making their academic education possible.

One of these sources is that of Pastry Takemoto Mink Education Foundation which has the internet address: foundation is run by Pastry Takemoto Mind who has served in the US Congress where she served as the representative of Hawaii’s second congressional district. Her foundation provides the single teenage mothers with a number of different scholarships to help them raise their and their child’s living standards by getting proper education in the colleges and universities of the US. However, there are certain conditions attached to these scholarships such as the women must be of age 17 or more, she must be a mother having minor children. She also must be enrolled in the ESL, GED, or any other skills training programs as well. She may be pursuing a vocational or technical education degree, or a first bachelor’s degree. The scholarships for single teenage mothers can be to these deserving single mothers who are also enrolled in any accredited program for the year of 2013 to 2014. Most importantly, the scholarships for single teenage mothers will be given to candidates with low incomes with the number of family members.

Another good resource on scholarships for single teenage mothers is that of Georgia Teen Mother Scholarship. The scholarships are offered by two families who are mainly helping the single teenage mothers in getting proper attention and education for going further in life. The scholarship is worth $2000 and is paid directly by the foundation to the school or institution where a single teenage mother is attaining education. It may be a university, college or some other technical school and in order to qualify for this scholarship the woman must have given birth to a child by the date of 31st January of their senior high school year. But in addition to that, the GED recipients are also eligible in terms of scholarships for single teenage mothers. The web address of this scholarship provider is:

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