Single mothers to success

Few successful schemes that has been providing the above mentioned assistances to single mothers and their families are Jeanette, that has been doing the job successfully since1978, W.I.C, that keeps track of the health, medical and educational insurance of the children of single mothers and S.N.A.P that has been taking good care of the food and water supply of the single mother families. The programs mentioned above are a few of those who have been actively doing their job for the betterment of single mothers and the future of their children in an appropriate way. What is needed to be done is that these organizations and programs should seek continuity and permanence in the operations of theirs to be performed routinely. Most of these programs are short term and temporary leading to lost hopes of single mother families after the end of the programs’ time period.

SuccessRunning a house is not as easy as it seems to be. Ask the men who work sixteen to eighteen hours only for the survival of their family. Running a family has never been easy for a man, so think of a woman who need to pay bills take care of food and education of kids, all by her own. That’s why almost all public and private colleges and universities offer grants for the kids of single parents and even single mothers who need to complete their education and work with honor and dignity for a prosperous future of her family.

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