Single Mothers In Kentucky Benefit from Government Assistance

Single Mothers In Kentucky Benefit From Government Assistance

Government assistance is helpful to single mothers who struggle to make sure their children have every important need met in their growing lives. Single mothers who are residents in the state of Kentucky are given the opportunity to have health insurance for their children, housing, child care, and help with job searches. These mothers are thankful for the help the state provides, and are advancing in their lives.

Health Insurance For Your Growing Babies

Every child and parent should have health insurance to cut off the amount of money they would possibly have to pay for regular doctor visits, or an emergency. A loving mother always thinks of her child before herself, and she will make sure if she cannot afford health insurance for herself, her child will be covered. There are two ways for single mothers to ensure their growing babies are covered:

Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program (KCHIP)

Both insurance programs will provide medical and dental coverage for children, but children cannot receive coverage without the parents applying and becoming qualified.

Single Mothers At Risk Of Losing Their Families Home

Single mothers sometimes struggle and it is not always by choice. These mothers have to keep a roof over their children’s head, or they can stand the chance of becoming homeless. When a mother has a house that is about to be foreclosed they feel as if the world is about to end. Unpaid mortgages are the causes of foreclosure and this usually happens when mothers have recently been unemployed and cannot afford the payments.

Programs that help single mothers in these situations include:

Kentucky Unemployment Bridge Loan Program (UBP)
Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Both programs give assistance to single mothers in the form of a loan, and each of these programs will bring the mothers mortgage to a current stat. With the mortgage paid and in a current state the mother has more time to find a job to support her family.

Child Care Programs Give Mothers A Break

Kentucky is a state that has a large amount of mothers who are unsure of how to pay for child care assistance. Child care providers can be costly and many of them are not trustworthy. Kentucky offers child care programs that help single mothers find providers who charge little to no cost, and have exemplary reputations. With the child going to daycare daily single mom’s children are learning how to interact with other children, receiving education, and the mother is able to handle demanding business that is not possible when her child is around.

A Single Mom’s Opportunity To Obtain A Job

When a mother has not worked for at least a year or longer, she may need to update her skills before applying to a job. Kentucky offers One-Stop Career Centers to their residents, which helps them update their skills and apply for jobs within the same building. At the One-Stop Career Center mothers can also build resumes and receive training and certifications so they can begin working immediately.

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