Single Mothers Facing Problems of Grants

Single Mothers Facing Problems of Grants

In the US there are programs that provide support, especially to single mothers. This is indeed a good undertaking by the government, however there are some misfortunes that arise and all doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. When it comes to grant a lot is considered especially where money is involved. Single mothers in the US are met by these barriers when it comes to collecting their grants, which the government has allotted to them. Some of these hindrances demotivate them and make their lives miserable. Here with some of the mischief that single mothers go through when it comes to them receiving their grants.

Amount of grants given.

This is one of the biggest issues raised last year in the United States legislature, there was the discussion of how much a common single mother is supposed to get in order for her to be able to sustain her life and be able to have a normal life. The issue came about when women in the state of Florida held up meetings and demonstration demanding that there should be an appraisal of funds given to single mothers. They said the current grant allotment awarded to them is so small to cater for the needs of single mothers.

Inconsistent granting.

Sometimes the government may go through financial constraints that make it not to give out grants, this has made single mothers suffer, especially when they depend on the grants in a big way. For example, when the Unites States was at war with Iraq and Afghanistan not forgetting the infamous continuing war on terror, there was a lot of money which was used to fund the US armed forces in terms of military equipment, technology and health. During this time a lot of single mother were not consistently being given their share of grants because of the government’s financial constraints.

Procedures to qualify for grants.

In the United States, there are very tiresome procedures that that single mothers have to go through so that they qualify for these grants such as, being screened, family records, endless forms that have to be filled among other tenacious activities. His makes some women to opt out of seeking government because, they feel that the time being wasted would have found them a day’s bread.

Selection of whom to give grants.

Being a single mom in the United States of America does not guarantee, that you are eligible for state grants. There are procedures that are followed, which will arrive on who to get the full amount of State grant, partial grant and who will not receive any grant at all. This is a total demotivator since some women who are in total need of the grants are left out just because they never did qualify hence, they end up with a life worth not living.

These are some of the terrible situation that our single mothers go through in the Unites States. Yes, the government has tried, but it should pull in some extra effort to assist this mom’s that have the burden of shaping tomorrow’s generation and future of our country.

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