Single Moms Housing

Housing Support for Single Mothers
Families raised by single parents are increasing by the day, most of them are single mothers who have succumbed to domestic violence, divorce, and others are widows. Most families are not able to take care of their daily needs, hence increasing the levels of poverty. This has posed a major shock to the government making it to come up with long term measures to deal with the situation. The government in collaboration with all local state governments have worked on a housing system(s) that cater for families ran by single mothers.
Housing facilities for single mothers found are run by the central government; a big share by the local government, while others are ran in private sectors. This clearly shows the magnitude and seriousness of the situation. The Housing Assistance Program (HAP) which provides transitional housing services to single mothers who need short term housing assistance until they can find a permanent and safer place to stay.
The central government has also come up with measures to support people living in urban settings, this also applies to single women. This is the HUD (Housing Urban Development). Its core duties are to find a much safer and cleaner housing, which is affordable both in the private and public sectors. There is a portion towards this that single mothers in the all states find appealing, it’s the section 8 housing vouchers which the government has subsidized.
Although the central government seems to have done its role to try in assisting single mothers, some states are more wanting of the need than others. For example, in the state of Philadelphia, which is believed to hold a big share of single mothers under eighteen years of age, 45% to be exact according to research, who are living below the poverty line? This is indeed a pressing issue that has drawn the local government and private sectors into the mix. The local state of Philadelphia has come up with reviews to curb the situation the possible way they know how, in collaboration with the private sector, the local government has put a system known as Dignity and Overington housing projects which is known to work proficiently. It is a system of housing single mothers and in addition trying to put them back into the work force by granting supportive education. The private system also has come up with the Bridge of hope which assists single mothers to get permanent housing.
In the state of California, where the situation of single moms is almost as similar to that Philadelphia, there are measures put in place such as, giving mortgage loans to single mothers. This has indeed helped, because it has lowered the number of street or mobile families in the state. Federal Hosing Administration offers housing loans to single moms.
Single mothers sometimes feel rejected and without a family that they can turn to, resulting in them seeking refuge away from their own families and without a place to live. In Los Angeles various communities of churches have been helping single mothers can have a place to stay and people whom they can well associate with. In other places such as Illinois, Chicago to be specific the community there is made up of a big mass of a loving people who always carry the burden of others as theirs. There is where you find most of the famous house shelter which are meant to help people who are unfortunate, this too includes single mothers.

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