Single moms! Don’t worry

It’s a hard life being a single mom especially when it is in an early age. Sometimes girls not have yet ended their education and their reach the status of a single mom, this makes it more hard for them to even think of continuing their education as now they have the responsibility of a child and they think of dedicating their day and night to their child. The U.S government has taken this issue seriously and has also taken effective steps to address the issue on a major scale. There are different schemes and financial assistance programs that are running in the U.S. This includes the WIC program. C.H.I.P program, Supplemental nutritionist assistance (SNAP) program, The Section 8 housing scheme and also the low income home energy assistance program. All these programs are directly or indirectly related to problems and the solution to the problems of single moms.

Mothers SNAP is a financial assistance scheme for the single mom that was known before as food stamp program. The primary goal of this program is to provide healthy and nutritious food to the families with low income. It is run by U.S department of Agriculture. The Children Health insurance Program (C.H.I.P) is known for providing health security to he children of single moms and they are responsible for tht insurance of medical, dental, and visionary issues. Women, Infant, Children Program (W.I.C program) is somewhat similar to those discussed above and these help in securing the financial assistance for such families

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