Scholarships For Single Teenage Mothers-Texas

For single mothers in Texas, life can be hard and especially for those who wish to continue with their studies. Due to the cost of living and education, many and especially single teenage mothers normally opt to drop their education dream opting to bring up their children and hassle and this has contributed to the widening gap between the rich and the poor within the state. A single teenage mother wishing to join college however should not despair and resign to fate as there are many scholarship and grant programs that aim to help women most of whom have benefited over the years. Most of these federal grants require that the applicants take the first step by filing their FAFSA application which forms the basis upon which the scholarships and grants are awarded. If you have not filed your FAFSA application, you should do that at the earliest opportunity to allow for sufficient processing time. This will allow you enough time to apply for the various scholarships and grants before their set deadline expires.

Apart from the different federal sponsored scholarships and grants, there are various available options which could be helpful to you as a single teenage mother. These include the Executive Women International or EWI a program that offers scholarship to high school juniors and adult students during their transitional period. As a young single mother, this could offer you the much required financial aid this giving you the resources you need to re-enter or start your college life.

Another great program that has benefitted a number of single teenage mothers is the Young Women’s Alliance Foundation. This scholarship provides $2,500 to women who are in their junior or senior year in college or those enrolled in a graduate school. The program is normally need-based although you will need to show a level of commitment to community service and leadership quality. Academic achievement also plays a role in the awarding of this scholarship.

Many single mothers have also benefited from CREW Network Scholarship Program which offers $10,000 to 10 junior and senior level undergraduate students who have financial needs. The scholarship money can be spent on books and tuition expenses. In addition to the aforementioned, Soroptimist is another great scholarship for single teenage mothers. This program offers financial aid to women who are the main financial supporters to their families. You will however need to have been accepted or enrolled to an undergraduate degree program or to skills or vocational training to benefit from this scholarship program. In fact if you are solely responsible for the support of your child as a single teenage mother, this program could probably work very well for you.

There are also various merit-based scholarship programs which you could consider. Some of these are based on GPA while others are state-based. It is however important to also note that your income or financial status will determine whether you will receive the scholarship. One of these programs is the Academic Competitiveness Grant which provides assistance to those who have at least earned a 3.0 GPA and have completed studies in the secondary school program. Merit-based programs from the government are also available.

As a low income student, you can also check out on the Pell Grant which is need-based. The grant is offered depending with the student’s enrollment status, EFC, attendance cost and whether you will be attending for a full academic year or less. FSEO or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant could also prove ideal for you as a single teenage mother in Texas. There are many others that could benefit you as a single mother or generally as a resident of Texas and making many applications is advised as not every application you make will be approved.

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