Scholarships for Single Teenage Mothers in South Carolina

The median household income for South Carolina stands at $42,367. This data translates to a high cost of living which many people in the State cannot afford with one of the hardest hit group being the single teenage mothers. With the state ranked 12th nationwide as far as teenage pregnancy and motherhood is concerned, many experts agree that education is one of the most important tools to help fight to keep the numbers down. With this picture however, it is important to note that out of the girls who fall pregnant, very few normally get back to school and this is a reason enough to get worried. There are many factors that have contributed to this kind of a scenario with lack of funds being one of them. However, the good news is that single teenage mothers can get scholarships and grants which could come in as beneficial resource in helping them get back to school.

There are various sources of funding which you can consider within the state of South Carolina. South Carolina HOPE Scholarship is one of the available financial assistance sources for college freshmen who plan to attend 4-year college fulltime. One however must not be a beneficially of the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship or Legislative for Future Excellence (LIFE) Scholarship. The HOPE scholarship offers the successful applicants a one year assistance of $2,650. As aforementioned, single teenage mothers are prone to hard life conditions not to mention that this is caused by lack of necessary skills that will give them an edge in the marketplace. However, those who receive the HOPE scholarship can go ahead and finish their courses for a better future. Palmetto Fellows Scholarship and LIFE Scholarship are also additional financial assistance opportunities available to single teenage mothers seeking either to start or continue with their education in college.

Gamecock is yet another wonderful program in South Carolina offering needy individuals including the young mothers. This need-based program targets families with an income of less that 150% of the federal poverty level. South Carolina Farm Bureau Youth Ambassador Scholarships Program is yet another beneficial program that has been established to help young people. In fact, teenage mothers who meet the set requirements could benefit from $2,000 in addition to other helpful benefits associated with this scholarship. Those who get this funding however must not have won the state scholarships and grants as it targets people who have not been awarded such help by the government.

Single teenage mothers can also benefit from many other government sponsored grants to help cushion their lives and those of their babies. These programs though not directly offered for education can help lessen the burden of life, something that could in return help in saving some funds to be diverted towards your education. For example one can benefit from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program which helps those struggling with high energy bills. This need-based assistance comes in handy for many single teenage mothers looking for an alternative financing during the difficult times.

Despite the fact that there are numerous scholarship programs aimed at helping single mothers in South Carolina, it is important to note that not all those who apply do get the assistance that they require. Various steps could however be helpful in improving your chances of being selected one of them being your ability to review the requirements of the program you wish to pursue. Always ensure that the information you give is accurate as this could either spoil or increase your chances of being considered. When applying for scholarship or grant as a single teenage mother, always be keen to check on the areas that are likely to enhance your chances and give the relevant information where necessary.

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