Scholarships For Single Teenage Mothers In Oregon

For any single mother, life can be financially challenging and especially if you have no source of income. This is especially the case with many single teenage mothers in Oregon, who have to fend off for themselves in addition to taking care of their children. According to the last available data, the state of Oregon had a median household income of $46,816 in 2011 which is a clear sign of difficulties in many people’s lives. However, single parents could take advantage of many available scholarships and grants that are available to them and other people from different organizations as well as the federal government.

One of the scholarships available to the single teenage mothers in the state of Oregon is the Oregon Student Child Care Grant which is offered to post-secondary students who have take care of their young ones. This grant is intended to help take care of these little ones while helping the single parents to continue with their studies within the state. One of the best thing with these scholarships for single teenage mothers is that they are awarded a semester at a time and are renewable for a period of 6 years. This would give you as a teenage mother an opportunity to carry on with your studies with the aim of stabilizing your life s you get the required skills that will give you an edge in the present competitive job market.

Additionally, single teenage mothers can benefit from the Ford sons and daughters program, which is available to the dependents of Roseburg Forest Products Company employees. The grant is available for those who are 21 years and below and this If you are a dependent of one of those aforementioned you should file your application. Oregon is arguably one of the states with the highest number of scholarships for single teenage mothers and this the more reasons as to why you should take advantage of the opportunities available in order to better your future and build your career. Another achievement based scholarships you should consider as a young mom is the Robert C Byrd Honors Scholarship which is available to high school graduates who perform well academically. This scholarship is available to 40 students with 8 students being picked from each of the 5 congressional districts in the state of Oregon.

Other scholarships for single teenage mothers include Pell Grant which is supported by the federal government and the Minority Grants & Scholarships. The latter is available to all women and especially from the minority background. You can check with the Hispanic College Fund if you are a latino single teenage mother as this is one of the most admirable scholarship available to the minority women. Another great place to look for funding is the United Negro College Fund which supports all kinds of women and it gives the single teenage moms a good opportunity to get funding whenever they want to pursue their studies.

There are also various programs that could benefit you as a single mom from Oregon Student Assistance Commission or OSAC. The organization seeks to empower students in their pursuit of excellence in their post-secondary education and therefore can be a great place to turn if you want to get financial assistance with the aim of pursuing your studies.

Research have shown that although the rate of teenage pregnancies and parenthood is going down, many youngsters in Oregon are still bedeviled by this problem and it has become a major contributor of poverty levels not only in the state but also in the entire United States. With the help of the available scholarships for single teenage mothers, you could be able to turn the tide by going back to school in order to achieve your career dream. As a single mother, you can also apply for food, medical and housing grants if you are struggling as this too could be a great way to help you save in anticipation of your return to college.

Remember however that you will need to file your FAFSA application if you wish to turn to the government supported scholarships as this is an important part of the entire process.

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