Scholarships And Grants For Single Teenage Mothers In Iowa

Although pursing education has become a major challenge for many people in the United States, many scholarships and grants remain available to help those in need to pay for their educational expenses thus making the sailing smooth and affordable. Many different groups normally find the going rough and this has facilitated in the rising number of people who are unable to pursue their studies further most of them being the single teenage mothers. this has obviously been one of the major causes of poverty among many folks most of them having to drop out of college owing to pregnancy only to find it difficult to return to college due to lack of school fees and inability to balance between their new found responsibilities and other demanding needs.

As a single teenage mother however, this does not have to be a condemnation for you causing you to stop short of achieving your academic and career dreams. To boost your chances of getting a better paying job in the current competitive job market, obtaining the necessary skills is important and this can only happen if you go back to college. You can take advantage of various grants and scholarships for single teenage mothers in Iowa some of which are supported by the government while others are available from the community and the colleges as well. Some of these state grants and scholarship programs from which you can benefit include the All Iowa Opportunity Foster Care Grant which provides financial assistance to students aged between 17 and 24 years. If you have been in the State Training school or grown up under the Iowa’s foster care system, then this could be an ideal program for you.

Another great opportunity available to single teenage mothers comes from the All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship (AIOS) which helps high school students who have notable financial needs. You will however need to start your college classes before the expiry of two years after graduating from high school in addition to other set out requirements that you will need to understand. Iowa Vocational-Technical Tuition Grant is also an ideal scholarship for single teenage mothers who are enrolled in a community college. You could therefore qualify for this funding in case you happen to be pursuing a career program under any of the set out fields this giving you the much needed skills to help you get a job that will bring you the finances needed to better your life.

There are also many other grant programs for single teenage mothers in Iowa which you should consider including the childcare support provided to parents whose source of income is judged inadequate to help them take care of their childcare expenses. This can be obtained from the Iowa Department of Human Services and will suit you well especially because it caters for those with children under the age of 13. Other suitable grants for single teenage moms in Iowa include the food assistance program, transportation and rent assistance among others. These programs are especially ideal if you qualify as they can help you build some savings from your regular income to facilitate for your college needs.

Other scholarships for single teenage mothers include the Education & Training Voucher (ETV) Program provided to those who age out of the subsidized Guardianship Program or the Iowa’s Foster Care System as the age of 16. You can qualify for this program if you happen to be a single mom between the age of 16 and 21 and therefore you should try your luck with the program. Other suitable programs that could benefit you as a single teenage mother in Iowa include Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) and the famous Teacher Education Assistance for College & Higher Educational Grant (TEACH).

Most of these programs require you to file your FAFSA application forms early enough before you apply for funding as this is an important part of the entire process. Make sure that you have provided accurate information throughout the process in addition to being able to apply for a number of programs.

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