Scholarships And Grants For Single Teenage Mothers-Illinois

Juggling parenting and college courses is never a walk in the park for thousands of single teenage mothers all over the United States. And although the number of single teenage mothers has dropped drastically over the years, Illinois still have a higher percentage of young mothers as compared to the nationwide figures. With a household income of $53,234, the state has a good performance which surpasses the nationwide figures by $2,732. However, the rate of pregnancy and single parenthood and especially among the teenage girls has seen the level of school dropout rise and this is something that needs to be addressed especially with the aim of encouraging the young mothers to return to school and complete their studies. With this having been said, financial demands always stand as a major impediment for many teenage mothers willing to go back to college or university. There are however numerous organizations and scholarship programs from which one could benefit from in order to realize their equipping for their dream careers.

Hundreds of single teenage mothers all over the United States benefit every year from scholarships and grants from both the government and other non-government organizations thus being able to study and better their future. One of the scholarships available for the single mothers in Illinois is the Denise Davis Foundations which offers financial assistance to exceptional single teenage parents who wish to continue with their education. It is however important to note that this scholarship is awarded to students who have graduated and are evidently in need to financial help.

Another great program to consider for the Illinois single teenage mothers is the IOMOTC or Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs. This program targets those mothers who have borne twins or triplets and therefore can turn out to be of great help to those single mothers under such a category. The scholarships awarded normally range between $100 and $300 and therefore could assist in topping up your financial requirements although the money awarded might not be enough.

Single teenage mothers in DuPage can also benefit from the Teen Parent Connection scholarships and grants. These grants are awarded those seeking to continue with their education and have been through high school. One must however be enrolled in the group to qualify for the financial assistance in addition to other requirements outlined for those wishing to apply. And like with every other scholarship and grant application, understanding all the requirements is important in order to be able to make your application within the principles set out by the organization. Many applications normally fail due to lack of adherence to the requirements even when the applicants are qualified in all other aspects.

Teenage single mothers who are able to prove their financial need can also benefit from the need-based federal education grants. Some of these programs include Pell Grants which have no age restriction and therefore could cater for the young mothers as well. The best thing with these grants unlike education loans is that they are not repayable and therefore will suit you very well if you would want to study more and make your future brighter.

When applying for most of the federal grants, one is required to file a FAFSA which can easily be done online through the Federal Student Aid website. As a single teenage mother in Illinois, you could also benefit from National SMART grant, FSEOG (Federal Supplement Education Opportunity Grant), TEACH Grant and Academic Competitive Grant (ACG) among others. Giving accurate information when filing FAFSA is important as any falsehood could result in serious complications.

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