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Sometimes you may be in need of a little extra assistance, whether it is food, good deal on quality clothes or a little bit of financial help.  There are many different services available that can help you out when it comes to any of those places.  Understanding what each provides along with how much help they can offer can make all the difference in being able to use their services and use them to the fullest while helping you out the best way possible.  But with all the services available it is important to understand if there are certain qualifications to use the services available or who can use their stores.

Salvation Army & GoodwillBoth the Salvation Army & Goodwill do have stores where you can buy clothes.  You may have to go regularly as their stock will change often.  You can usually find some really good deals if you are financially strapped and need to clothe your children and even yourself.  Sometimes they may even have sales.  They not only have clothes, but may have furnishings for your home as well.  This can be quite helpful if you do not have a lot and don’t necessarily care that some of the things are not new, even though they are new to you.  But again, going regularly can help you out in seeing what is new.

More than likely the Salvation Army can help you with food if you need some help in that area one month.  You will want to see what their qualifications are and what you would need to bring to show that you would need assistance.  What they offer may vary based on what they have on hand.  They may get their food from those who donated financially or food itself and they may get food from the stores.  Many times the grocery stores can’t necessarily sell food past a certain date, but food banks can use it for a certain amount of time after the date on the container.  Depending on what it is, you may want to freeze some of the items until you are ready to use them.  Or even think about using some of the items before some of the other things in your cupboards.  If it is a big amount of something you may want to cut them into smaller portions before freezing them and freeze them in what would be more manageable to use for your family based on the type of meal you might use it in.

Also, if you need financial assistance they may be able to help you.  They may not be able to pay a bill every month, but if you are running late on a bill or need a little extra assistance on a larger than normal bill, you might call and see what they do have or are able to help you with.  Sometimes they may be able to help you with an extra large heating bill, rent or other necessities.  They may not help you with the extras that you may have, but will help you with the necessities.

You might also see what they offer for children as far as programming.  This can help as they may also have financial assistance to help pay for the program.  Also, they may be able to help provide things like a backpack full of school supplies at the beginning of the school year.  Or they may be able to help provide some of the basic foods for a Thanksgiving and/or Christmas meal.  These may be times you want to offer something a little different or more than you normally would on any other day.  Again, seeing what you have to do to qualify will be important.

Both the Salvation Army and Goodwill can provide a variety of different services that can be quite helpful when it comes to helping meet the needs of your family.  You may be able get extra food one month or for a special occasion.  Then you can also be a great place to find clothes for a good deal. They may not be the newest clothes, but they will be clothed.  Also, if you need a little extra help paying a bill, you can always ask for a little extra help every once in awhile if necessary.

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