Rooting for Single Moms-Disability Assistance

Rooting for Single Moms ” Disability Assistance

Disability in regards to a single mom can be looked at in two ways; either in regards to the mother herself or parenting a child with physical or mental disabilities. Either way, it has its challenges especially for single moms in USA who have no sort of financial assistance. This process can become catastrophic especially because mothers I particular tend to go out of their way to ensure everything is ok. Most single moms in USA get through these situations by designing and modifying things to suit their everyday needs, whether material or emotional. The hardest part for a single mom is the isolation and the frustration all of it brings. But most inspirational women have pulled through and the current USA government has decided to applaud their efforts by providing them with disability assistance.

USA disability assistance agencies for single moms
Single moms who are disabled or dealing with disabled children have a number of options when it comes to housing grants. Even though no specific programs are solely for single moms but there are for those who require disability assistance. These programs provide quality safe and affordable housing for the needy. Thus they are catered for when it comes to a roof over their heads.
HUD housing choice vouchers: This is a US department of urban and housing development program just created for single moms to find private housing. According to HUD, the elderly and disabled are eligible.
Family unification program: This agency assists families in paying rent. This program is specifically designed for single moms who lack housing. Eligible families receive up to 30% of adjusted income or ten percent gross income.
Mercy housing: This is a non-profit housing agency that caters for single moms with low income. However, one must apply to be accepted in the program. Applicant’s age and disability is also taken into consideration. In addition to this, the program offers better health insurance.
All these USA government agencies are really helpful in assisting USA single moms in bettering themselves and raising their children in normalcy.

Free grants for single moms with disabled children:
Protection and advocacy
This assists the disabled suffering from physical and mental disabilities that became evident before 22 years of age. The issue must be very severe to make the individual rely on other people for the rest of their lives.
Financial Grants
This is exclusive education endowments for single moms in USA. The objective is to improve systems for personnel preparation and professional development.
Well, a lot of women who get disability assistance thrive despite this situation. Thus supporting them, is seen as being of extreme importance in providing a buffer zone to help cope with raising children or being the absolute best they can be. Generally, single moms dealing with disability represent a modest number of all parents in USA. As the level of disability cases grow rampant, it is safe to say that the US government is embodying itself as a friend and ‘someone’ these single moms can turn to. Due to the assumptions and beliefs that people have about disability and the high level of disadvantages faced by these families.

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