Rental Assistance Programs for single mothers in California

S048-Rental assistance Programs for single mothers in California

California is a housing and rental friendly state for single mothers. The FHA or the most commonly called as Federal Housing Administration and few other non profit organizations, which are the sub organizations in the HUD – Housing and Urban Development authority assist the single mothers by providing assistance such as buying, renting, upgrading or even maintaining their home. However, the more you understand about the available housing assistance in California, the easier it is for you to get the stipulations related to housing.

Below are some of the programs that California single mothers need to be aware of before planning their rental or investing on the house.
Housing Choice vouchers
This program is very much similar to those available in other States. This comprehensive plan offered by the California Government assists single mothers, especially those who are handicapped, ones who have below average income line, as well as elderly single moms to get their most deserved housing assistance. Federal funds are also available in this program, however, they have fairly different criteria and both the state and federal assistance are mutually exclusive.

Grant for special housing adaptation
The VA, or the Vertans Affairs provides disabled assistance to those single moms whose husband was a veteran. Assistance is provided even for those who are service members and planning to renovate their house. If the single moms are disabled due to the service, then extra funds are released in addition to the disability benefits to build or renovate their home. However, a separate VA form needs to be completed in order to avail the assistance.

Rental Assistance through USDA program
Disabled single moms can avail rental assistance by signing up with the United States Department of Agriculture. This program can be availed by even elderly and low income single mothers. Single moms with 30% monthly income can be qualified for the USDA program. Housing community facilities program can also avail the difference in total rent and the money you need to pay if the subsidiary rates are still unaffordable.

Supportive housing with Section 811
Disabled assistance is offered by the HUD program helps you to reach out to the non-profit builders and offer rental assistance to the housing agencies. These financial assistance programs are offered by the State housing agencies in most of the communities. The funding offered by the capital dwellings project the low income assistance to the single mothers.

Immediate assistance
California offers immediate housing assistance to the homeless single mothers. Various charity and non-profit organizations put their hands together in order to assist the single mothers with housing related financial assistance.

Homeowner hardship help
Though a couple of single mothers have their own homes, they are still struggling with the rental and mortgage payments. However, with the help of the Cal HFA single mothers are at relief which offers mortgage help for the jobless single moms, principal reduction, loan adjustments, reinstatement assistance, and many more.

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