Pennsylvania – Volunteering for Single Mothers

If you’re unable to spare any extra cash but you want to help out your community in some way, nobody can blame you for that. Volunteering is a great activity because it doesn’t cost you anything except some of your time and it shows your kids the power of giving without having to spend when you simply can’t afford to. It’s no wonder why you would want to consider volunteering and getting your kids involved in the opportunity but as wonderful as it sounds, sometimes you’re at a loss of how to get started. Nobody can blame you for that, there’s so many resources out there and some of them can be confusing so it’s hard to know where to go for some people. The last thing you want is all that confusion which can lead to stress but luckily there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

I hope that this list can provide you with some idea of what is available in Pennsylvania and perhaps progress you down the right road to finding volunteer opportunities. While the list will be rather small, don’t be discouraged if you don’t find something here. There are many opportunities out there but until you search for them, this should give you an idea of what you’ll find.

Volunteer and Community Service in Pennsylvania
This websites provides you with links to search for volunteering opportunities on your own. The best thing about this opportunity is you can search yourself, which makes it easier to customize the search to your liking. There is more than one links so you have a few places to search at and there’s nothing better than having more choices.

Penn Medicine: Pennsylvania Hospital Volunteer
This opportunity is for those interested in the medicine environment and you can even get kids as young as 14 years old involved. There are a few different opportunities here for you and/ or your child and you can help while enjoying what you do if this is what you want to do.

American Red Cross: Pennsylvania Volunteering
The American Red Cross is always a good option to volunteer at and this is the red cross in Philadelphia. The American Red Cross is always one of the first ones to step in and help those in need after any disaster and they serve a good purpose. You’ll never have to feel guilty about volunteering with them.

The Nature Conservancy: Volunteer Opportunities
With this opportunity, your volunteering opportunities will have to do with nature and outdoors. This is great opportunity for nature fans because not only are you helping the environment and protecting it, but you are saving on resources. Definitely a good option to consider.

VAC: Volunteer Opportunities
This organization provides services to individuals and organizations in the areas of volunteerism, information and prevention, according to the website. This is a good option to consider searching in regards to volunteering options. It doesn’t provide as many options that some of the others do but you do have a few choices here.

Now compared to all the volunteering opportunities in Pennsylvania, this list is rather small but it is meant to give you an idea of what’s available to you. Don’t feel shy about asking around your community about opportunities you can volunteer for either. Whichever opportunity you decide to go for, you should feel proud that you are helping out the community.

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