Pennsylvania – Retirement Homes for Single Mothers

You’ve raised your kids to be good people and as a single parent, that wasn’t always easy. You worked your whole but now it’s time to retire and maybe you want to retire to a retirement community. Maybe you’re the child of a parent who was always there and you’re helping them find a good community to retire to. Just because they’re older doesn’t mean they have to stop living. This is their time and all you want is for them to be happy in a good community with good people. Luckily Pennsylvania does have good retirement communities for all types of seniors, active and inactive.

With that being said, sometimes the search is a little bit of a frustration and there are times you want to throw in the towel. Don’t throw in the towel just yet because I will provide you with a couple of options to help you along in your search for a retirement community.

Homestead Village
Location: Lancaster, PA
website for information:
This community is located in a beautiful area and worthy of a mention. It gives you different living choices and has amenities living dining and fitness, and many others for you to enjoy. If you give them a call and ask for information and explain your budget, they seem understanding and seem to be willing to at least try and work with you.

Willow Valley Communities
Location: Willow Street, PA
This is another retirement option located in a beautiful community. It offers an aquatic center, a day spa, art classes, and a number of other amenities according to its website. It also seems to take seniors lifestyles into consideration and whether you’re active or not, it has activities for you to participate in.

StoneRidge Retirement Living
Location: Myerstown, PA
website for information:

This is another option with a lot to offer for you or your parent. Not only does it offer retirement living but it also offers long term nursing, short term rehab if required, personal care, among other features. It is conveniently located and offers a number of amenities for your convenience, which can be benefited by you or your parent.

Heatherwood Retirement Communities
Location: Honey Brook, PA
This is a beautiful community with beautiful views, ponds, and pathways for walking. This community features services like transportation if needed, physical therapy if needed, dining and housekeeping. It also has wonderful activities and social events, and features spacious apartment floor plans for you to choose from.

Garden Spot Village
Location: New Holland, PA
This is another worthy mention with more than one worthy reason. It has beautiful views and for nature lovers, it has a spot to grow and care for plants. There are parks you can walk and enjoy the outdoors if you’re just aching to get out of your home. If you get hungry, you can enjoy fine dining in your community or restaurants nearby. For those who are health conscious, there are a number of exercise programs and for those who have active lifestyles, there are activities for you too.

No matter what kind of retirement home you need, Pennsylvania does have it available for you or your parent. The internet is a good search option and as long as you put your city or county location, you should receive quite a few good results. You can try search around your community or phone books as well but either way, you should find something as long as you don’t give up.

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