Pennsylvania – General Assistance

There are times when situations occur that require some sort of assistance or help and there’s no shame in that but it does happen. The most stable families sometimes find themselves in situations that put them in the position to require assistance. Nobody takes this kind of thing easily but it hits single mothers real hard when they’re the only ones caring for their child or children. It’s finally reached a point where you’re willing to request assistance and that’s fine but finding these programs aren’t always easy. Fortunately these programs are out there to help you and they can be found if you have the patience.

Unfortunately the search can test your patience and with everything going on, you don’t always have the time to search for them. It wouldn’t be surprising if the government partially did this on purpose but it’s not as hard as you may believe to find the programs you may need. To help you with the search, I’m going to provide you with a few resources you can use and maybe it will help you.

Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare
If you need benefits of some sort, you can go here and get information, and even sign up for benefits online or it even tells you how to do it on person if you prefer. It has any kind of health or assistance you might need and you can read it for yourself to see if you qualify for the programs it has to offer.

Rental Help: Pennsylvania
If you’re having problems with your rent and need assistance in that area, this website is something that may be of interest to you. It provides you with links and allows you to sign up for the house voucher program, as well as search for an apartment if you need to, using their website.

PUC: Energy Assistance Programs
Now this is information on some of the programs and assistance revolving around saving on energy bills like gas and electricity. This is a good website to look at if your energy bills are getting too high and you need a way to lower them or you need some kind of assistance on paying them.

PA Low Income Utility Assistance Programs
This lists the utility assistance programs for low incomes families. This might be useful for you if your utilities are high and you need assistance in that area, and you want to find some kind of help with that. It’s definitely worth taking a look at if nothing else.

Medical Assistance in PA
Now this is for those who require some type of medical assistance for their children or themselves. This website provides information and a FAQ about medical assistance, and how you can qualify. Anything you can’t find out on the website, you can find out by calling them and asking them yourself. It’s worth the read to see if it would work for your child or you if nothing else.

Don’t be afraid to do your own searches and if you feel one of these programs fits the criteria of what you need, don’t be afraid to sign up. I hope you can use the article to help you but I am confident it has at least provided you with some information you could use. If you want more information, go to your government sites and don’t feel ashamed to ask around the community if you need to. It’s nothing to feel shameful about, after all, you’re only trying to provide for your children and yourself.

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